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Aaaaaaand as of last night I’m caught up on The Flash.

HR is a hoot. Tom Cavanagh should be on every TV show imo


Man I remember when Blade: The Series mentioned Moon Knight as a guy who was around and they were gonna have him in Season 2 before it got cancelled :frowning:


Is that series worth a look?


Maybe he’ll show up in Punisher :crossed_fingers:


I would say that the first episode is essentially representative if you want to try it out

Blade is more serious than in the movies

It is kinda like Sticky Fingaz is Jack Bauer trying to dismantle a Vampire Soap Opera so

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Poor John.


Just finished LoT’s first season and while I found it mostly enjoyable I am looking forward to a better Big Bad this season than Casper Crunk’s rapey Anthony Ainley-on-steroids portrayal of Vandal Savage.


Supergirl is really using up all of Superman’s Rogues Gallery huh? Toyman, Parasite, Cyborg Superman, Brainiac…I mean I guess Superman helped with Metallo that one episode, but with Lex already locked up, I wonder who he’s supposed fighting on a regular basis? Is this the radio show Supes where he’s beating up Der Teufel and The Scarlet Widow or whatever


Maybe he’s just chumping gangsters and shit like George Reeves Superman.

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wait are they really gonna have the superfriends hall of justice


watching every episode of crime sex archie


I hope they adopt Zdarsky’s asexual Jughead.


So in Supergirl, Cyborg Superman is black and looks like Martian Manhunter’s alter ego. But they insist on calling him Cyborg Superman instead of Cyborg Martian Manhunter. I feel like they missed a chance to make some new and original, but instead they wanted to harp on something from the comics.


Well I mean the original twist was they introduce Hank Henshaw and his eyes keep glowing randomly and all the fanboys think Cyborg Superman’s coming, but surprise he was Martian Manhunter which was pretty different

The real Hank calling himself “Cyborg Superman” with absolutely no justification or context and constantly disappearing like a ninja is hilarious though


Man I love all the action in these crossovers but I feel really bad for everyone who doesn’t watch all the shows. (You don’t need to have watched Supergirl to understand it I guess) Honestly very surprised at how much of this seasons ongoing Legends story is being crammed into this ostensible episode of Flash.


i know this was an episode of flash but Steven Amell just has too much charisma and screen presence so it felt all Arrow. Really want o see Flash be as pure fun of a show as it started (was that before Geoff Johns was put at the helm of the cwverse?) Glad too see Wally, hope he replaces Barry altogether


The end of Invasion! was legit fantastic. All the wild superheroics and great character building and humor you could want. Kind of even paid off how depressing the Flash has been. Even full of weird nitpicky plothole nonsense, I’m glad that if the DC movies are doomed to terrible that we have such a crazily ambitious group of TV shows.

also felicity literally just said darmok and jalad at tanagra when her language centers were scrambled so 11/10

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I like the little tiny ripples of fallout from people in DCTV Earth-1 finding out that aliens are real, it’s cute

Flash and Arrow still kinda both have the same fundamental problem in their finales though

They spent a lot of time building up how, respectively, time travel and fake deaths and were bad to the degree where the characters basically almost said out loud “we are bad at using these as plot devices” and made big moves to take them off the table completely between the fallout from flashpoint and the Lazarus pit

and then

they just couldn’t resist using them as the stingers for the back half of the season


also how has eobard thawne been getting away with doing his time travel nonsense for this long

even the very premise of The Flash itself is that the events of the show weren’t supposed to take place until like 2020 until he moved shit up himself

you’d think between the dominators, the time wraiths, and the time masters somebody who hates timeline anomalies would have been after his ass by now

i am glad that at least the character growth is showing signs of being in a more mature place than they were even a season ago. they are handling dealing with conflict much better than they were before

i have a feeling they still didn’t have any real ideas for wally west yet they really spun in circles all season on his “plot” but at least now he’s out there


I did not realize that Michael Dorn was the voice of Prometheus! It’s obvious in retrospect, but the different context actually fooled me. I mean it’s probably a thing like when they had Tony Todd as the voice of Zoom so you couldn’t guess his true identity but neat nonetheless.