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will watch all of sex archie to the bitter end this is my solemn vow


If Jughead isn’t asexual I’m burning everything down


Really enjoying all the trick arrows on Arrow this season. The Invasion crossover was surprisingly solid - like, much moreso than it had any right to be. Shame they couldn’t get Manu Bennett back for the 100th Dream Episode.

Is it just me, or is The Flash implying that Tom Felton’s character was literally Draco Malfoy, but got screwed up into Central City thanks to Flashpoint?

Prediction: Mon-El joins the Legends of Tomorrow cast in Season 3 (which then leads into the Legion of Super-Heroes.)





Man putting all of the most hammy scenery chewing villains (well except captain cold) as the Legion of Doom has been one of the greatest moves for Legends of Tomorrow. I’m also glad they finally gave a step by step excuse for Eobard Thawne being alive/around, even if it’s full of holes. Just acknowledging it goes a long way.


Who is going to watch Powerless tomorrow? I am excited!

It probably won’t be great, pilot episodes are never great. But if DC can actually show a sense of humor and acknowledge their own faults I think this could be a huge step up for them.


i don’t think it will be that good but they’ve already tricked me into watching just by having live action versions of obscure z-list dc characters


Oh, I know it will be bad. There hasn’t been a “good” superhero tv show maybe ever (def not in this decade).

I just want to see a glimmer of self awareness from DC.

Comic Book: The TV Show is fueled by fanboyism. Not quality.


I liked how the ‘Legion of Doom’ was coined by Nathan because it was something he’d heard “on an old Hannah-Barbera cartoon.”

That episode was so dumb (all the GL shenanigans) but I chuckled throughout it and man I just need some stupid fun these days.


Yeah all that George Lucas stuff was just good old fashioned Quantum Leap Corniness and I’m lovin it



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Oh hey has anyone watched Riverdale? I watched the first ~10 minutes or so and I wasn’t feeling it, but maybe I wasn’t in the mood?

The v/o narration wasn’t helping.


It wants to be too many things and all the dialogue is delivered in the most impossibly earnest way. right now it’s like a weird noir version of 7th heaven or something. the pop culture references the teens make are also somehow like wilder than dawsons creek or gilmore girls or anything. it’s nuts but to me it feels like if they 100% lean into the bizzare style it could be the kind of soap i like. i have no idea besides me who this is supposed to be for

of course i am a defender of The Cape so


it’s like watching Zack Synder’s Archie mixed with a weird dreamy Twin Peaks plot (and two rather interesting Mad Men refs)

everybody is just haircuts and eyebrows and i want to outright hate this show, but i can see this being a guilty pleasure, stoner-couch with friends kind of thing.


powerless has a very nice opening credits sequence

the characters aren’t really defined by anything except general comedy snark

a perfectly watchable, digestible, tolerable room temperature bowl of water of a show

ronk should still make that life for regular people in comics world thing that would prolly be better


So I saw powerless. Amazed at how clunky the lines and jokes went. Hopefully they let the actors improvise more? Maybe this show can be good, i was faintly reminded of the show Better Off Ted while watching. They should shoot for something like that. At first I thought it was going to be all parody superheroes, but then they name drop joker, batman and superman etc. Despite what a huge crush I have on her, Vanessa Hudgens is no comedy actor. Even Pudi came off stiff. Is he doing a Joel Mccale Season 1 of Community impression?

The Kryptonite Window joke was some Carrot top level humor.

I tried Riverdale too. The opening is either zach or cody acting like grimdark jughead and blogging about a murder. I decided the show was not for me.


I thought Arthur Darvill was pretty good as a villain .

Also, Dominic Purcell’s opening v/o cracked me up way more than it should’ve.


The first episode of Legion was really quite good.

Also given one of the character’s ( or alter’s) name, I will be disappointed if “Astronomy Domine” doesn’t show up some time on the soundtrack.

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