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Just have to take a minute and express my adoration for Brandon Routh. Dude makes me smile just by walking into a shot.


Morrison’s newest project with UCP will be developing and writing his long-running comic series “The Invisibles” for television. Set in 2020, the series follows an elite international cell of occult freedom fighters dedicated to the creation of a better world for everyone by any means necessary.


blood and bone 2 looking good


i’m not even watching arrow this season but i have an alert for when michael jai white kicks people in the face


I just love that I live in a universe where Cody Rhodes both fought Stephen Amell while he was Stardust, and then became a recurring character on Arrow as a drug dealer selling Stardust.

Edit: I should add that this came up because Cody shared a screenshot recently of him on Arrow, sitting next to Michael Jai White in prison.


I’ve seen like 10 of his movies and seriously didn’t realize until watching this clip how tall he is.


Honestly, I’ll just be happy not to hear the name “Diaz” anymore, at least for a while. Much as I like Kirk Acevedo, that shit was getting real old.

Also, pardon my DC canon ignorance, but why did none of the longbow hunters ever carry a longbow?


i watched one random episode of titans and have read descriptions of the others and you can uh…really tell the difference between that and the network shows cuz like

you can see when the network shows are straining their budget with a bottle episode or whatever but on titans its like every single character and plot decision seems based on money in a way that i haven’t seen since early smallville or pre-galactica sci fi channel


Fuck Batman

'cause we can’t afford him


flash 1990 lives on “earth 90” and that is that the smallville green arrow suit?

god the old danny elfman flash theme rules

do they have the true bravery to bring in the failed wb series birds of prey?

in my perfect fantasy world that picture of stephen amell with tom welling and michael rosenbaum from smallville means that welling superman shows up but i want rosenbaum to play his flash from justice league in live action that would be amazingly stupid


with just finding out that lord and miller had conversations about bringing in andrew garfield or tobey maquire as live action spidermen for the spider-verse movie we’re going into a golden age of absurd tv and film crossovers of failed superhero properties


what are you going to do when there’s a shot of smallville green arrow but he’s playing his version of the failed aquaman tv show aquaman standing next to the other live action green arrows and winking at the camera


So guys I feel obligated to make it to the end of Daredevil, but now there’s this Karen Page solo episode and uh, well, can I just skip to the end or is it vital to the story?


That episode is without a doubt the most bizarrely awful episode… maybe of the show? It’s just completely tonally jarring and unnecessary.

But, some plot-relevant stuff happens in the last 1/3rd of it, so, maybe just skip to the stuff in the church if you’re not inclined to behold the naked folly of man laid bare.


Apparently The Only Farm In British Columbia aka the Smallville Kent Farm was on Riverdale this week and Supergirl next week (again as Kent Farm) and the true dream would be for it to just keep being on genre shows every week forever



lois lane giving the most impossibly exposition heavy speech about who she is right after the smallville theme song played was amazingly corny

surprised they bothered to do amazo and ivo labs after…the other ivo and the boat the amazo

cool fight tho


“Must be time for the big yearly crossover. Hard pass”


It’s the only time I watch these shows now lol

i guess batman is one of the few people who exists in both of the main universes

kinda of wild to think of batman existing with arrow taking so many of his villains

i probably wont watch the batwoman show but she seems like a cool lady

hilarious that john diggle is john stewart in the 90s flash verse

i hope 90s flash gets to be in a real fight sometime


lol i didn’t realize this was from legends until this morning

“legends of to meow meow” beats the entire elseworlds for wildness by itself? it’s like they took an entire television series worth of seasonal gimmick episodes into one episode and i respect that