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Yeah I love the crossovers. The best is seeing Oliver playing the straight man to Barry, and Kara laughing at both of them. The bit where Oliver gets all puffy chested when he meets Clark, and then later keeps claiming Batman is a myth keep me chuckling, days later. Stephen Amell’s comic timing is impeccable and I wish he’d get a chance to flex those muscles (pun intended) more often on Arrow.

Gonna watch the last episode when I get home. Kara felt a bit sidelined on the first two parts but hopefully that’ll be sorted out in part 3

Legends of To Meow Meow was wonderful but my only beef was hey, what about Mona? Is she ok?!


Holy shit

Are they actually going to do Crisis on Infinite Earths as a season-long thing next year?


Of course not they are going to cram it all into 3-4 episodes like always lol



still wonder why cyborg is here instead of on titans


Daredevil 3 was real good. sad we won’t get more of Bullseye. I don’t foresee Disney continuing this show in this form. too bad.




I watched Punisher season 2

It was not as good as Punisher season 1

Which was, like, you know, it was all right, not great or anything

I continue to be in thrall to any media product which contains Heavy Dadstuff


It’s funny how obviously aware they are how “mass criminal murderer” will play in 2018/9 in a post-Parkland world. Instead of leaning into Castle as an implacable agent of pitiless death (like my favorite depiction, Ennis’ Punisher MAX) they make him tortured and quasi-woke. Season 1 villains were (white) government conspiracy guys that everyone hates. Season 2 villains are (white) billionaires, and the Bad Punisher (there always has to be a Bad Punisher - actually this one has two Bad Punishers, but one of them) is a literal former Nazi turned evangelical Christian psycho. It’s all very dumb and leads to me asking Who is this character for, exactly? and I guess the answer is Me. But really, only because of the Heavy Dadstuff.


While I appreciate The Punisher getting into PTSD and how this kind of lifestyle fucks up people massively, I also don’t really come to The Punisher to contemplate the futility of violence. Was hoping for cartoonish War Journal/Dredd-style escapism, more in line with Commando than any genuine reflection on the horror of war.

Feel like that’s the downside of these Marvel shows - they all have to be pretty serious and play it all straight, so you don’t get the excess and abstraction of the DC tv series.


But I mean the actual problem is that it isn’t a genuine reflection on the horror of war, it’s as fantastic as typical escapism but dresses itself in the clothes of serious drama. It has a happy ending! It refuses both to be pulp and to be an artifact of pure nihilism, which are the only ways this narrative (in brief, Constant Murderman) makes any sense, and instead chooses this tacky middle road of Golden Globes-winning sappiness.

Some decent action scenes, though. Not as many as you’d think!


If they want to try seriousish Frank should be a slasher movie villain that intrudes on sympathetic street-level criminal’s lives.

All you know is the horror of his brutal implacability.


The funny thing is that they go out of their way to not have Frank’s bread and butter enemies be common street criminals, because optics, and instead have them be all these weird conspiratorial organized crime guys and shadowy government and evil billionaires and their mercenary goons. Then after the happy ending, with all the people Frank cares about safely stashed back in their mostly-normal lives and no overarching hunter enemy to track him down, he turns down a job to be a CIA hitman and literally the very last shot of the whole season is him… mowing down a meet of two street gangs. Oops?


OK Aquaman is actually great

the first half hour is pretty so-so but the action choreography and the writing is … fun?

the editing actually gives you what you want and no more


I watched it on my friend’s server and also liked it more than I expected, but like… not one hour later I could not remember a single thing about the movie.

It’s gorgeous and empty.


any superhero movie where you get the chance to exclaim during a pivotal scene in a stage whisper “HE’S DOING WILLEM DAFOE’S MOVE” is good

also the CGI is like exactly the right kind of indulgent, like when he powers up 2/3 of the way into the movie and it shows him, like, linking into the crab and lobster neural network it’s like… hell yeah, he’s aquaman now


next season of legion is the last which is…probably for the best

the show is beautiful and interesting and i like the actors but i really do not think they are equipped to deal with the fallout from last season


I was so blown away by 1 and 2 just progressively deflated that in ways I couldn’t imagine


i don’t watch gotham but apparently the last episode is just a flash forward batman episode where they use CGI to put the head of the 5’8" 17 year old who plays bruce onto a 6’4" grown man’s body and i have to see this monstrosity