The Comic Book: The TV Show: The Thread


Yeah I love the crossovers. The best is seeing Oliver playing the straight man to Barry, and Kara laughing at both of them. The bit where Oliver gets all puffy chested when he meets Clark, and then later keeps claiming Batman is a myth keep me chuckling, days later. Stephen Amell’s comic timing is impeccable and I wish he’d get a chance to flex those muscles (pun intended) more often on Arrow.

Gonna watch the last episode when I get home. Kara felt a bit sidelined on the first two parts but hopefully that’ll be sorted out in part 3

Legends of To Meow Meow was wonderful but my only beef was hey, what about Mona? Is she ok?!


Holy shit

Are they actually going to do Crisis on Infinite Earths as a season-long thing next year?


Of course not they are going to cram it all into 3-4 episodes like always lol



still wonder why cyborg is here instead of on titans


Daredevil 3 was real good. sad we won’t get more of Bullseye. I don’t foresee Disney continuing this show in this form. too bad.