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i might actually watch this show


I heard that episode 4 of Titans was a backdoor pilot for Doom Patrol, and yep, it is that and it is pretty great. The cast is spot-on.

Obviously the worst parts of the episode are those involving whatever dismal story arc is going on in Titans, but that’s like one subplot amid an otherwise fun episode.


they are doing live action beard hunter so i am 100% watching doom patrol



Cyborg seems kinda redundant for that show? Idk though I’m not that up on the lore


Doom Patrol is really out here going for it living it’s best life with no fear


I cannot get over how much I love Robotman in this show. I know it’s mostly Brendan Fraser doing great, natural voicework and emoting, but part of it is also how, like, clunky and inarticulate his body is. I don’t think it would work quite as well if any part of his body but his eyes actually moved.

I love how they made being Robotman seem absolutely horrific, living as this stiff ugly corpse, with Cliff just trying not to lose it for years.


Please please please please tell me Diaz is finally fucking dead now ok .



Wild that Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor simultaneously references Superman: The Movie, Batman v Superman, and the Krypto the Superdog cartoon somehow

shame superman probably wont be back until crisis on infinite earths


literally anything


If it hadn’t been mentioned in a throwaway joke in an old mst3k episode I was watching last night I never would’ve known this existed:


EDIT: and it ran for four seasons?!


i watched that show when it was on

that show is wild for lots of reasons but mainly because the dude who played mxyzptlk was obviously drunk the entire time



season 2 of the tick is pretty good so far

I feel like I’ve never stopped being skeptical of this show despite enjoying basically every episode, like my brain keeps going “Arthur is too nebbishy and Serafinowicz doesn’t really have to do much and every John Hodgman cameo has been exactly the same scene for a decade now” but it never really outstays its welcome and the supporting cast is immensely likable

also the colour work really is exceptional, it’s a better response to superhero saturation even than it appears to be


Griffin on his podcast describing the way he tried gaining weight when they filmed the first season to be more like comics/cartoon Arthur (wasn’t noticeable on screen, just made him tired all the time), concludes his description of said Cartoon Bod with something like “no living human being has ever looked like this” and he basically just described my body.


What is the opposite of “feeling seen”?


Serves you right for listening to The Boys so much, you’d think you’d learn by now


Anyway just imo your body is different to and much more wonderful than cartoon Arthur body.



Season 2 of the tick was a legit better superhero media than anything marvel/dc has produced this decade (on tv and film)

That’s not to say it was perfect by any means, but it was basically decent