Team Sonic Racing: Sonic Racing 3: Sonic Drift 5: But It's Got the R From Sonic R


interesting how Zavok from lost world is a guy they keep bringing back now


Could they not even do an actual in-game render? That’s such a bad photoshop job.

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dlc idea:
gerald robotnik in a beat up 1993 accord, adult diapers and a gun in the trunk lisa nowak style

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Here’s the real new Sonic Racing, a Doom Wad:


looks like they’re doing a couple animated shorts with this one too

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i remain extremely skeptical that this game is anything but mediocre. still, i want it to be good. i really really really want it to be good.

eurogamer has the most positive take so far, but actually reading the review, nothing sounds particularly great.

DF PS4 analysis is out as well. pretty disappointing results for base PS4 - it targets but can’t hold 60 FPS, particularly when you use the team supers (which is often). 4-player splitscreen is 30 but dips to 20 often. ps4 pro has a nice res bump but still has framedrops. best option is to turn off supersampling and play at 1080p on the pro, which is close to a solid 60. boo. i imagine my pc can brute force this thing regardless but after the performance issues in their last two sonic racers, this is pretty fucking irritating.

i have to try this thing out, still. i want to see how the online ghost stuff works here.


reviews of the game led me to discover that they were actually going to have a story mode in the old sonic and sega racing games but didn’t have enough time and man what a missed opportunity


it has never really looked as good as the last one to me

I do want to try it but it’s been cooking for a while and I don’t know that I like Big the Cat enough

also arcade racers are a weakness for eurogamer, they recommended onrush for chrissakes

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OnRush was pretty cool…until there wasn’t more of a game there. I am glad it was a PSPlus thing I could play for a week.


it was a doomed idea from the start to think people would rather drive as big the cat, icky the iguana, darius the armadillo and the rest of the dumb gang instead of golden axe from golden axe and giant egg from billy hatcher and the giant egg


Yeah and the transforming aspects were cool and well implemented.

I don’t care about story modes. I’d rather they spent time on more tracks.


The new one seems to be slower in overall game speed.


every seventh tier sonic character is more popular than the bonanza bros or opa opa it’s not fair but that’s the truth


there was an interview recently with some M2 guys and Reiko Kodama, who is the producer at Sega for the current Switch Sega Ages line, and she expressed shock that Alex Kidd, Sonic and Outrun sold super well in Europe

Sega doesn’t know what people who like Sega actually like


Skeptical as well, Eurogamer tends to hype anything Sumo Digital and Codemasters put out.


Th real question then is:
wait for PC/steam version, or buy for xb1 or ps4?

Don’t judge or @ me, i have been playing sanic kart2 on and off for almost a decade now, and am ready to take anything, as long as its not that italian mad hatter and his weirdo-friends. So basically, as long as i haven’t driven big the cat in this new vidyagem, i will not believe any review or ytube persona telling me anything (aside from resident @Persona, ok)

I am not ready for handing my sanic-racing-badge in, is what i tell y’all.

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Racing across the ruins of an ancient, vidyagame-loving civilization

is what the OST to this must be called.