Team Sonic Racing: Sonic Racing 3: Sonic Drift 5: But It's Got the R From Sonic R

It’s another one

More Sumo produced kart racing but without all those pesky SEGA characters you love to get in the way just pure Sonic

There are 5 teams of 3 characters and some sort of team based bonuses are given for cooperation. There is a story mode. There is lots of talking. It’s weird!


this is going to be a really good racing game. i hope the next sonic title is sonic battle 2 in the gundam extreme v.s. engine


I guess Sumo, like Codemasters, also failed to get the fast and the furious licence

The Sumo kart racer in Disney Infinity 3 was really fun too though much thinner than a full game of course. Someone convince Sega to buy the Ferrari license again tho

Is there vehicle transforming this time???

Seems like nope! Just super moves

How many other racers featured a team format? I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

This sounds like an interesting idea. I’m looking forward to see more of how it works out. I guess the hero racing genre has arrived.

There’s that one that’s basically Splatoon Racing

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Sonic R Heroes, right down to the overtalking

i’m still probably gonna get it

this is aurally trash. the music is real bad, the voices are real bad, the mix is real bad. every bit of audio in that game preview is bad.

there’s no feeling of speed whatsoever in that preview. did transformed have speed classes? i hope this is the equivalent of 50cc.

that track looks like complete shit. transformed’s first stage looked way fucking better.

cars look really meh.

the collision physics look bad. the drift physics look bad.

i’ll still play it because i adore kart racers, but hype went from 100-0 pretty quick watching this.


i guess all the speed/power/technique cars go along a visual theme. hope they still let shadow ride his dumbass motorcycle tho

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I like the car designs, especially Shadow’s big beautiful mobster car.

Looks considerably less jank than Transformed, I’ll pay 30$ for it.

I’ll pay 1.99 when it’s on sale on steam in two months

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I’ll inadvertently obtain it in a bundle a few years from now, play it for 45 minutes, then use Idlemaster to get the rest of the Steam trading cards from it.


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man i really hope that sumo had some parallel thinking with the onrush devs because the team modes in that game are really brilliant


i’m trying to figure out what the heck is going on with that game

is there…

racing in it

nah onrush doesn’t have…finish lines. all the modes seem point based. just some wild combination of burnout paradise and overwatch and a destruction derby


Onrush looks really cool even if it’s personality is bland and I’m gonna get it when it’s on PC.

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