Team Sonic Racing: Sonic Racing 3: Sonic Drift 5: But It's Got the R From Sonic R




tails is so fucked up for that

looks like team rose fired cream the rabbit and replaced her with four chao


NC Miata Ibuki concept car is a pretty deep cut, Sumo.


I think Sega realized 90% of their franchises were dead so they had to remove all the cool characters from their kart racer

But tbh as a child I would never have even looked at a Sonic universe racer, while a Sega racer filled with weird obscure characters including Danica Patrick would have been absolutely my shit


idk, just seeing big ze cat and that background art makes me want to play this.
maybe i am expecting too much after playing so much Sanickart2, but if ‘normal’ racing games are anything to go by, it will be down to the tracks and difference between the rides, which will make or break this game…

n. b.: otoh, i loved drifting w/ BD Joe, Samba De Amigo-character and Nights, so if they can offer more than just Rose, Shadow, Knuckles, Knuckles & Knuckles, bring it on.

The only thing that sucks about this game is that its direct competition is a fully realized, impeccably polished game that is near perfect in Mario Kart. While I enjoyed the spirit of all-stars racing, it was too jank and I expect this to be the same.

well these team lineups are weird

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It’s hard for me to get excited about Mario Kart after the amazing feeling Sonic Kart 2 gives by letting you hold a boost charge and shift into different slide directions and also letting you change the arc of your slide by turning in or out of it. Items also don’t feel so game changing but this might be a negative for the casual appeal.

The Team play mechanics look novel and can be neat for forming play groups. It’s another layer I’m not familiar with seeing in other (kart) racers.

add another animal to the zoo

that’s the only good kart design in the game so far

oh neat Tee Lopes and Jun Senoue together


Sandopolis always shredded

i think at this point there are almost as many seaside hill variants in sonic games as green hill


You mean that the Greenhills zone jumped the orca?.. shark…

I’m sure this’ll be fun, but the videos I saw (at least a while ago) looked pretty slow, and without the rest of the Sega menagerie to entice me, I dunno.

I’m a sucker for kart racers, though, so…we’ll see.

this is unexpected. this is like barely a level in sonic adventure so i never thought i’d hear a version of it

love that jun senoue and tee lopes seem to basically form some weird casiopea style jazz fusion band when you put them together


Can’t wait for next year when they announce Sonic (2019,) James Marsden, and Jim Carrey.

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man, this should have been out for the holiday season, so that i could have couch-coop’ed it with my siblings. It’ll be out in may iirc, right?