Steven Universe, don't tumblr my rocks!


Jasper is definitely a heavy metal scream kind of vocalist

(though for real, where is Jasper + Jasper song when)




(from the steven universe vhs screencaps tumblr)


So that episode from SDCC should be available online sometime this weekend, apparently.

On top of the movie thing, current murmur is that the show has quietly been renewed through season 9. Not sure how valid that is, but if so it suggests a major retooling from here on out.

I wonder if the movie is basically just, like, six episodes of a season stitched together, like the double-length episodes they sometimes do.


So, legs, huh.


Been catching up. I’m on the one where Steven films a documentary about Sadie’s new band.

I am absolutely loving this latest season. Just the right mix of adventure, lore, and comedy, and everyone has something cool to do.


Yeah. Production-wise, seasons 4 and 5 are one season, just as 2 and 3 were developed as one. The broadcast numbering, splitting up the original seasons 2 and 3, was a weird cartoon network decision.

And, altogether, this narrative block of seasons 4 and 5 is just so strong. It’s the most exciting part of the show so far, and it’s also got the most character development and some of the weirdest, best songs. And it’s paced so well, if you ignore the bonkers broadcast schedule.

Strong third act. With seasons 2-3/original 2 being the slower middle bit.

Whatever comes next, the show will be so changed that it’ll be kind of like a sequel to the show-so-far.


I can’t believe it never occurred to me before, but Steven Universe is one big coming-out story. Pink Diamond was supposed to be an efficient and effective leader. Not only was that identity completely wrong for her, but in pursuit of her true ideals, she has become something her family do not recognize. Now that Steven’s “sisters” in Blue and Yellow are nominally on his side, they’re confronting White, who’s the very picture of maternal rigidity.


Imagine if Amethyst had that empathy wave, but not for tears.


So, you’re saying Cookie Cat is gay?


Maybe not explicitly coded as such, but I think he has all the makings of a gay icon. He’s a “pet for your tummy”. He’s “super duper yummy”. His introduction is immediately undercut by his newfound scarcity; combined with his astral origins, he’s basically a cryptid.


So. Apparently a while back the voice actor for Vidalia suggested that “season four,” which in production terms would mean six [and seven?], consisted of 32 episodes. Which is a strange number on the face of it, as in production terms past seasons have been 52 episodes. (For broadcast, mostly 26.)

But, I wonder if the movie announcement partially explains this. “Season four” would have entered production after Cartoon Network had begun to split the production seasons in half, so the planning may have shifted to account for hit. 32 is six episodes more than a broadcast season. Six episodes would be about 72 minutes, which seems about right for an animated feature.


I just noticed that in “Coach Steven” Pearl develops nostrils for a moment so that snot can drip out.


So there’s an official comic where Stevonnie goes on a date with Kiki Pizza, and…



oh my gosh




started from the beginning and caught up on this show for the first time since lars’ head. seasons 4 and 5 are really well-paced

mind blown by the foreshadowing in the cookie cat song

lapis’ song made me cry. her singing voice is beautiful… steven’s too, now, what a glow-up

only this show would have an episode where a lesbian wedding is broken up by a voltron and a kaiju arm-wrestling

the designs for white diamond and her pearl are great. i guess white diamond is just permanently in the glowing white silhouette form that gems take while they’re forming? the black-and-white film grain is a great touch, i hope sadie killer gets to play in her bulgarian horror movie along with lars’ space opera


rose’s fascination with growing up reads very differently knowing that she was basically stuck as a child forever


I, uh.

I was talking with someone, and one of the reasons Stevonnie sticks out as probably the most interesting aspect of the show is that they’re the most confusing. And it seems like the writers and storyboarders make an effort to keep up the confusion every time they appear. Whereas Garnet, her relationship and her nature have become normalized to the point where they’re almost boring – you can sum up who and what she is in just a few words now – Stevonnie, the second most stable fusion and the primary one involving the show’s main character, remains elusive.

An especially fascinating thing is how they represent the show’s primary het (chaste, childhood) relationship, yet Stevonnie themself is relentlessly queer-coded. Even as they grow and become more stable as the show goes on, they can’t do anything without some kind of identity issue arising, some kind of apprehension. Given that Steven’s own maturation is more of a practical, plot-oriented thing, it’s through Stevonnie’s awkwardness that we really get the adolescent angst and self realization narratives of the show. Which kind of carries the heart of meaning behind it all, as infrequently as Stevonnie actually appears.


Still think it’s one of the most astounding things I’ve seen on TV, let alone a kids’ cartoon.