Steven Universe, don't tumblr my rocks!


Specifically, “You should drop the barn on the beach.”


This season being spread across three years (okay, a little over one, but a tumultuous one) makes me lose a sense of context. All of Lapis’ coming and going has happened in the course of just a few episodes. The pizza grandma being mayor, that just happened, the moment Steven got back from Homeworld. Which was only at the start of this season. Of which there are still two more episodes.

In A Single Pale Rose, Amethyst says Pearl got her phone a month ago. Which means the whole season is pretty much over the course of a month.


i think i might do a full rewatch soon (especially in the wake of A Single Pale Rose and this), i have the feeling the pacing will make a lot more sense when the episodes are being consumed in quick succession. this show naturally has a very slow pace, which im inclined to like, but the constant hiatuses make it feel positively glacial and it hurts the flow of the story


Yeah, I’ve noticed the progression in the early seasons is actually super calculated and deliberate and nice (if viewed in continuity rather than broadcast order). Just the way revelations are quietly presaged, and thematically presage other elements. It’s kind of literary, taken as a whole.

Weird thing: listen to Zach whatsisname’s voice performance, if you go back to season 1. He doesn’t consistently start to sound like modern Steven until around when Lapis shows up.


this finale was good


But it’s not quite a finale, right? There should be two more episodes in the season.

And a sixth season has been greenlit. One figures this may be the end, depending on how much the story may blow out beyond the notes we’ve seen so far.


i mean not that everything has to be wrapped up with a bow but we still haven’t even “seen” white diamond


sorry, I meant season finale, I assumed thats what this was! It felt like a finale to me but I guess that’s not the case


i bet the REAL season finale will be packaged as another 2 episode special event thing


Internet people are saying September, for reasons beyond my understanding.

Yeah, there’s White Diamond, and there are a few smaller loose ends like Lars and the off-colors (who may arrive in the next two episodes). But the greatest chunk is pretty resolved now, or should be able to be in the next 24 minutes or so. So there’s not a huge amount of stuff to cover over more than another season or so. Focus on White Diamond and what her deal is; possibly existential questions about the gems and their origin, nature and purpose; some adjustment/relationship stuff with the newly enlarged team; Steven coming to terms with what it means to be a diamond. Maybe more about Pearl’s origin.

It’d unclear that White Diamond is even a threat, as the show just hasn’t addressed her at all beyond an icon and the occasional silhouette.

Were it not for her single forehead-gem, I’d be tempted to think White Diamond was a fusion of blue, yellow, and pink. (More properly, CYM.) There’s clearly something about light spectra here, especially given that gems’ bodies are made of solid light.

Have there been other diamonds? Were they all shattered, leaving just these four to try to rebuild their world in this supremely ineffective way? Or were there only ever these four, forever? Were they made, like the “lesser” gems, or did they come about spontaneously?

I guess this could take a while to explore. Point being, though, that we’re changing gears here. The show hasn’t asked these questions yet. And it’ll have to start asking something soon if it’s going to last more than another season or so.


Do gems smell like anything?


They certainly secrete fluids, so I don’t see why not.


I guess Amethyst has talked about peeing outside. But, do the things she consumes just pass through her or is there some process to break it down?


the bold new wave of SU discourse, Does Amethyst Shit



TEARS, PEOPLE. THIS SHOW IS ALL ABOUT TEARS. :droplet::sweat_drops::ocean:


This is like tears.


I only just realized how many of the voice actors are poc (mostly woc). It’s weird in a way because often it sucks when, say, black charters are voiced by husky-voiced Beckies (see Wild Kratts) who make a job singing blues music or whatever, but here there’s often little relation between actor and charter race. Yeah, Connie’s family seems to be all white, but other ostensibly white characters are voiced by Asian or black or Latinx actors. It’s not a one-to-one thing, but there’s clearly been a real effort toward representation.


The very existence of this show must give every reactionary nerd the most brutal ulcers


honestly can’t wait for next season to be about white diamond, jasper, kevin, and marty starting a noise band together