Steven Universe, don't tumblr my rocks!


I like this show a lot. I’ve shed a few tears to it. It’s a cartoon I feel a lot of people who grew up in the last two decades wanted to make or at least to get made. It’s a real shame it’s release schedule is so erratic though. We’re getting 4 new episodes next week and then another dry season lasting who knows how long. Does anybody actually like this format?

Anyway, here’s a trailer that I’m not going to watch for the upcoming Steven Bomb

Misc stuff:

  • That iOS game Attack the Light is actually pretty sweet. I know that the prevalent opinion seems to be that it’s “alright” and maybe “kind of cool” but I was still surprised. It’s really just Paper Mario to the point where it even has Badges to equip but bite-sized JRPG-likes is something I really wish there was more of. Pressing menu buttons feels great, the difficulty is medium until around 3/4ths through and discover your own special way to break the system and the visuals feels just like a “lite”-version of the show.

  • How long do you think Peridot will stick around as a regular member of the cast? I like the little friction she brings to the group but I wonder if she has enough depth as character to take the fifth slot on the gem roster.

  • The one thing I always hope to see more of in every episode is Greg interacting awkwardly with the other gems. There just seems to so much unexplored history between them and adult-adult interaction, besides between the gems, is rare.

  • Did Yellow Diamond remind anybody else of Grace Jones?

  • I didn’t like almost any of the songs much when I first heard them most of them have somehow grown on me.


Agreed on all points, except that last one. You’re gonna tell me you didn’t love Do It for Her the first time you heard it?

Yeah, I love how vague they’ve kept the history between Greg and the gems. I’m sure they’ll go into it more as the show goes on, but I really like the idea that we only learn about it at the same pace Steven does. He’s grown up with the assumption that his dad and the Gems are best friends, and learning that that isn’t true is a pretty Grown Up Thing he’ll have to deal with.

re: Peridot: There’s a part of me that wants her to still be fairly evil, since it’s a bit hard to imagine that someone like her would turn on her people after only a few episodes of captivity. I think this show will earn it, so I’m not worried.

Yellow Diamond is so absolutely Grace Jones, and that’s the best.


i love this show but i’m probably not going to catch up with it until the end of the “second season” (to the extent that this show has them), because i’ll get frustrated with it otherwise

also means i can’t keep up with this thread!

i really liked the uncle grandpa crossover episode, just because they had the same style as ever but slightly exaggerated it. hope s2 has peridot fusions, that is all


i’m also very far behind watching this show (about two thirds through season one)

the more i watch, the more i identify with amethyst. some of the amethyst-centric episodes are hard to watch when they get too emotional :cryingpig:


That was pretty cute. First time watching a cartoon episode like this just as it releases and it honestly didn’t feel right. 10 minutes just feels real flat no matter what it is. Should’ve waited until the Bomb finishes and watched them back to back but I’m committing now just to see.

I liked that song.


i was just going to make this thread… i was going to title it “This Thread is Made of Love” or something corny like that

do NOT watch that teaser it is spoiler city like i am honestly surprised at how blatantly spoilery it is

the new episode was predictable but adorably so!! i especially loved cotton candy Garnet THANKS YMER!!




Proto-Garnet was cool, yeah. Seen some point out her messy design is similar to the fusion experiments that freaked her out. Wonder if it’s intentional and if that’s why she felt so strongly about it. Not that she wouldn’t have enough reason to do so regardless.

This episode was alright. Bit disappointed it didn’t really seem to have any long-lasting reprecussions. Steven’s temporary voice change kind of freaked me out. Hope it will come back one day.
It’s really weird that they seem to be pushing Greg and Connie’s “real humans”-pact. That’s a pretty fucked up thing to do behind your son’s back!
Oh, and that record Greg briefly showed Garnet?

Well if you still got season 2 to go then prepare for


So this has been going around a bit:

A month or so ago I recorded a few random episodes from Cartoon Network here in Sweden onto the TiVo just to see how the local dub and localization was (not too great). One of these happen to be the episode in question. Turns out it’s edited the same way as the clip in the link. Now I’m kind of wondering if I should try to get that out there somehow. Not sure how I would do that or if there’d even be a point. Pretty sure CN here in Scandinavia just dubs whatever material they get from the UK without question and would have little to no influence over the material.

An interesting bit though if the broadcasts are exactly the same aside from the dub: There actually were some edits even to the slightly saucier Greg-Rose parts.


Third episode down and now I can definitely say that not waiting until the bomb finishes to watch them all was a mistake.


i have a feeling the first two were standalones and the next three are an arc so maybe wait until Friday and scoop the last two in one go?


I’ll try to stay strong. Somebody tell me if today’s episode has an actual ending though.

Here’s cute art that I feel won’t be relevant for very long (but then again what fan art is?) because that’s what I did today but you shouldn’t because there are tonnes of leaks out there and you will be spoiled:



Well??? :stampstampstamp:


RE: newest episode:


you should watch it, and regret nothing


baby-pearl is adorable


Newest episode is a riot, Peridot is officially my new favorite gem, the end.


the last episode i watched was the greg/rose one (We Need to Talk). is this a good time to emerge from the steven bomb shelter, or should i wait for the end of nuclear winter


It’s on hiatus again for ??? who knows. You should try to catch up if you can, you’re a few bombs/major plot arcs behind. There’s some great stuff awaitin’.

I think bombs are mostly how they’re going to air this show from now on, but with how arc-based it is it’s uniquely suited to the structure. Still wouldn’t mind having a new dose of SU every week…