Steven Universe, don't tumblr my rocks!


Maybe other people have brought it up, but I haven’t noticed it. On the basis of the Famithyst conversation in That Will Be All, that moment in the recent Pearl flashback where Pink first touches down on Earth as Rose, and all the other Amethysts are waiting around for this last one to emerge… I mean, that’s what it sounds like, right?


Hey. Mystery Girl’s number has an S. next to it. I guess that feeds into the whole Sabina thing?


Pearl is David Lynch.

Which may explain her subconscious, actually.


I don’t have the time to read to see if these ideas are already earlier in the thread but now that I’m caught up I have two crazy Kali theories:

  1. Okay obviously Aquamarine and Lapis have very similar looking gems. And Blue Diamond recognizes Lapis immediately not as a Lapis but as just, Lapis. Even though she has been MIA for thousands of years. And Lapis is undeniably stronger and has more powers than most gems we’ve seen. So it seems likely Lapis was Blue’s secret agent whatever before Aquamarine?

  2. I’ve been thinking about Pinks maturation. Her childhood pretty clearly was when she was herself, while her adolescence seems like her time as Rose; she was rebellious and trying to find herself. And I would argue that her adulthood is being Steven. He cares about others feelings deeply and is far less selfish than she was

Uhhhh thanks for coming to my TED Talk?


Apparently the gem fusion depicted in the Temple currently hosting the ruins of Steven’s house is called Obsidian?


And yeah, we’re missing some big backstory on Lapis.


alexandrite + steven probably


Yeah. That’ll probably be an endgame thing, huh?

You figure Connie will ever be part of a multi-fusion?

In other thoughts, share your Stevonnies. All the Stevonnies.

(And Connie, because.)



Fanart is cool stevonnie is cool


I hate fanartz so much


That official Stevonnie comic is on Google Play, then. And it’s about as queer-coded as anything.


And there’s this ongoing Dove campaign thing…


No ethical consumption etc


YouTube put the tubers in tuberculosis


cool, leave


Okay Kali theory again on the relation between Aquamarine and Lapis Lazuli - Aquamarine is the era 2 version of Lapis. There’s enough evidence I think that I doubt it isn’t true:

  • Same gem shape, but Aquamarines is smaller. In fact she is smaller in general, much like the era 2 peridots
  • Both can sprout wings of water.
  • Aquamarine mentions that she has a perfect memory, another of Lapis’ powers (who could of course also use her water powers to display those memories)
  • Aquamarine doesn’t display control over water - even when her ship is over the ocean, she uses her gem tech. Era 2 gems, as Peridot has mentioned, have less abilities than era 1 due to dwindling resources.

I will no doubt continue to spout garbage on this thread as time goes on so my apologies but my mind is wired to be a conspiracy theorist


Just started watching this. Didn’t click for me when it first came out, but it has now! It’s adorable and I love the colors and it makes me feel things! Okay I’m going to leave this thread now before I accidentally read anything.


How far in are you? I first caught up about 2/3 through season two, and that took me about two days.

And what’s the current reading on the gayometer?


I think I’m like 10ish episodes in over the last 3 days. I’m trying to pace them a bit; I find I enjoy something a lot more when I have time to chew and ruminate why certain things made me feel certain ways.

A gayometer pointed at me? I think it reads “mostly straight / potentially bi”.


Haha! Thanks for sharing.

I meant the show. It’s one of the queerest things on TV, like groundbreakingly so, but I think that aspect ramps up kinda slowly. That was just a daft way of asking how the show’s themes were settling in at the point where you are.

So yeah. Sounds like you’re on the verge of some stuff. If it’s been pleasant so far, better find a way to secure your socks.

Any story elements or characters stand out to you so far?