Steven Universe, don't tumblr my rocks!


No cartoon is illegal.





I listened to the soundtrack recently and noticed that nearly every song in the first season is a variation on “Drive My Van Into Your Heart” – yes, including “Giant Woman”.


whoa yeah they have like they exact same chords! nicely spotted

i started watching this with my woo, and we def had to push through the first half dozen episodes but now she’s all over it

so when are those Stranded eps showing up hey





I can’t remember whether I’ve ever explained just how much time and energy I’ve put into finding a good Steven Universe liveblogger. This feels like a silly compulsion, but over the past couple years I’ve finally curtailed my pernicious desire to share new media with friends that I know wouldn’t be interested by following livebloggers and let’s-players instead. SU was the biggest impetus for this, and it’s still the show that I’ve had the most difficulty with.

I started by reading a couple of people who were posting their reactions on the subreddit, but they all either died out or ran out of new episodes and never came back. I asked for other recommendations two years ago, but I was already aware of the two highest-profile Tumblr blogs: Jet Wolf is a Sailor Moon blogger who wound up discontinuing her public SU blog shortly afterward because some SU fans are super entitled and obnoxious, and Loreweaver is basically the only live blog I’m aware of that has actually gone from the very first episode to current, which is great, but I’m all caught up on reading him. The forum links from that post wound up being a pretty short-lived distraction; the most luck I’ve had is definitely still with Tumblr.

So far, my favorite find has been Minda Reads OOTS; he mainly blogs webcomics like Order of the Stick, Paranatural, and MSPA, but as observant and considerate readers go, he’s been great. He’s also started blogging new SU episodes, but these are predictably rare, so without the complete backlog of original episodes, he doesn’t quite satisfy my original aims.

Jazz and PonyForYou and Renee and Kat are all working their way to the present at various rates; they’re good blogs, Brent. Meanwhile Soulless is chewing through the episodes and shows no sign of showing down, but there’s so much unmotivated edge here that I don’t know if I can even recommend reading this. I am also subscribed to a guy named Silver, but I hesitate even more to link to him because of allegations made by a fan he apparently got involved with and who wound up locking him out of his blog. It was a good blog while it lasted, but any entries from before the meltdown are gone, and besides, I don’t want to support problematic folks.

Anyway: I’m excited to watch the new episodes tonight! But at least part of that excitement is just at the thought of more updates for me to read in the days and weeks to come.


well, that was ok

the off-colours are still annoying. that one sequence was cool info


I dunno about real-people stuff, but the AV Club is pretty good with its coverage. Has pretty good command over the show’s developing themes and how they manifest.

Used to be superb with Doctor Who, too, until the Classics guy left and Alasdair Wilkins skipped off, to be replaced by his podcast mate who… shall we say, has much more obvious views about the material. She doesn’t inquire in the same way. Makes you wonder why to bother reading her coverage over 1,000 other people. Or just watching the episode yourself.


interesting little pair of episodes. had a graphic novel quality to them, maybe?

Kind of curious about reactions to the stubble, but with a fanbase this large you can eventually find any reaction you go looking for.


the stubble was cute, though i guess now i’m thinking about it i’m like ‘is this so people don’t call Stevonnie a girl, coz everyone knows girls don’t get stubble’ and making myself feel bad so i’ll stop


Sadie had hairy legs way back in the island episode!


My copy of Art and Origins came in today and i ended up spending my whole evening reading it lol.
It put me in the best mood, just the sheer passion and thoughtfulness put into literally every single aspect of the production. This shows so fuckin good

i will probably scan some selected bits to share itt. There’s a lot of really great crew doodles and sketches.


we got up to season 1b and omg, it’s so good. i guess this is why people complain that the new episodes are boring


happy saturday, here’s a drawing of pilot!Pearl dressed like Prince (drawn by Hellen Jo)
(FUN FACT this design appears briefly in silhouette when Pearl reforms in “Steven the Sword Fighter”!)

there are a lot of extremely good Pearl looks in this book and rest assured 1. i will be posting more 2. i basically screamed at each one i saw




wise fwom your gwabe





kinda feel like if they’re gonna do a dramatic teaser like this for a couple episodes like a month from now then it should be like, feature-length

like ‘are you frothing for these two episodes, you worms? well too bad, you’re just gonna have to grovel a bit longer’



i’m entirely over the way cartoon network is drip feeding this show and i’d like to see its story unfold on a regular basis. It’s going to be a bummer trying to follow another 26 episode season strung out over 12 months, again

i dont lay any of that at the feet of the people actually making this show though. i think CN’s dumb scheduling trying to squeeze the most viewers out of every channel and demographic is getting in the way of their shit, and i bet it frustrates them too


They seem to be utterly confounded, yes.