Steven Universe, don't tumblr my rocks!




It was a joke don’t worry


excuse you

but nah i like your response to the episode

the off-colours’ gimmicks got tiresome quick though. but maybe that’s the point, like sometimes ppl who are kind of off have frustrating things about them? i sure do. idk


They nervous, they nebbish, they small, and the Diamonds don’t like 'em at all. But that’s okay, life is baller. They cool. They the Off-Colors.


edit: forum made this really huge, therefore obscuring the joke -_-


Of all that I’ve read in discussion and debates over SU, the most ridiculous observation I’ve seen yet is “Russia is mostly ocean in this setting because there’s a different antagonistic locale with roving death squads purging the queer (plus the neurodivergent and differently-bodied)”.


I figured it was just a reference to the Tunguska event.


Wooooww it’s nice to know that naked xenophobia continues to find a home in the minds of supposedly progressive types


It’s a pretty fucking crazy read of what’s, yeah, probably just supposed to be an implicit reference to the Tunguska event

This show depicted Korea as a unified, peaceful state, it’s a very utopian Earth setting. im pretty sure there is not some secret Russophobia going on among the crew

Oh well. i was just reading a bunch of shit about how the The Adventure Zone fandom are reacting to Taako being green and i guess someone made up wholesale some connection between green skin and antisemitism. Callout culture is garbage. I always want to defend fandom but it always brings me down…


this is all in SU? where are you reading all this from?



trailer for the upcoming season

sneak preview of a future episode that looks OFF THE FUCKING CHAIN

never in a million years did i think Lars’ character arc would lead to “becoming Captain fucking Harlock”


Well, it’ll happen to most of us before the end.


Has anyone other than the Universe family ever gone star-eyes before?




Any more?


oh my godddd




Okay, so are these leaks or have some actually officially come out now? Haven’t seen an episode now since Steven escaped Home World.


theyre officially out on the cartoon network app. i watched them on an illegal cartoon hosting site


Wait, they exist?

How many years has it been now?