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Cool, I liked the first quite a bit. Could certainly go for more bite-sized Paper Mario “homages”. Neat to see Steven now seemingly on the front-lines with Greg taking over his role as support to go with how the show’s developed. Hope they make fusion more interesting of a mechanic this time around then just a single big Limit Break type of thing that hits once and is then over. Also that they get Estelle to record some original lines of dialogue and not have Garnet sound like a really awkward soundboard again.


Do you think I’d be good skipping the original and waiting for this to come out?


Without knowing anything about this sequel I can say with certainty say: Yes. If you’re worried about missing some plot stuff the story of the first game is just a basic Gem Mission that I guess the show doesn’t really do much of any more? The gems come home with some crystal thing and find it reacts weird to Steven and decide to travel to 6 different background tilesets to restore the crystal’s light so they can destroy the monster in it. After fighting the final boss monster Steven uses his unique power love and sympathy to realise that the monster is just scared and rainbows rain down from the sky in celebration.

I got it for free during a promotional deal and enjoyed it for what it was. I did discover though that Amethyst’s all-targeting multi-hitting whip special destroyed every single non-boss though when you
gave her the “Chance of Instant Kill” and “Luck Up”-badges (did I mention that this is just a Paper Mario game?) which they nerfed shortly after I finished the game (now she stops hitting as soon as just one enemy dies). I therefore can’t really speak for the game’s general balance now.


The original is cute and good and works really well largely because it’s a mobile game – you tap the screen to do the Paper Mario style timed hits, you scroll from screen to screen rather than moving the characters directly, the art style (which is based on the distance models from the show!) is simple and appealing on a small screen. If you’re looking for a solid mobile RPG, it’s worth trying regardless of how this one ends up.

It was pretty easy for an RPG-savvy adult (besides the Amethyst tricks Ymer mentioned, upgrading Pearl’s crits made her an unstoppable killing machine and loading Steven up with free-turn items made the final boss a matter of summoning Alexandrite over and over) though i could see kids getting a decent challenge out of parts of it. There are areas where you can only use the items you find inside and have to do every fight in one go without breaks, which got surprisingly tough. You really have to know about timed hits.

i am super excited for this but i’m also curious how much they’ll scale up the experience compared to the original.


playable Greg = instant purchase


Room For Ruby continues to make Lapis superb. “I was right! No one could be that well adjusted!”


cute fanart for big leak spoiler but i couldnt resist posting it

click at your own risk

Is this the most blatantly trans-friendly episode yet?? sources are inconclusive at this point
Sure as hell resonated with me though!


The episodes from the upcoming Steven Bomb are all available through the app, so the buccaneers are out in force; be on the lookout for spoilers.

I feel very ambivalent about these episodes, especially the way they end. I don’t like how climactic this all feels.
I’m all for ending a story without answering every question, but I feel like the possibility space for stuff like possible fusions and similar loose threads suggests that the series is only at, like, the half-way point, but something about the way these episodes play out, especially Steven’s preoccupations with his destiny—it just feels like we’re entering the final chapter. I’m nervous.



Oh dear lord


the two sides of my depressive brain are “Steven” and “Lars”


The two genders: Topaz, and Topaz


apparently three episodes left before @contentdeleted and i are caught up (psst: let’s fix this tomorrow night)

i figured someone had done this joke as soon as i saw aquamarine but this was the best version i could find

tempted to ironically avatar anyway

folks should feel free to post more good SU fanart here so i can look at qt things without having to filter through mountains of deviantart smut/OCs


Those 3 episodes don’t air for 6 days D:
Actually the last one we watched was a preair so we’re more than caught up




pearlcat still best cat


people who worked on/created the show can be fans of it too, right?
(the last one is my current desktop)


So, how 'bout that special, huh?




Lars’ death was genuinely shocking and brutal, like just that animation of him slamming into the wall and bouncing off the ground, holy shit. i figured he’d be brought back because this show isn’t game of fucking thrones and wouldnt cut a character down in the prime of their character development just to be edgy (thank a god) but i am also glad it only raised further questions and potential weird issues down the line

I always liked Lars and wanted him to be better and i’m glad they finally brought it. I hope the next episodes (whenever they air in 2019 :dizzy_face:) will keep up the momentum. I feel like this last season was really slow-paced, and only occasionally to its benefit, and i wanna believe it’s so the crewniverse could get shit out of the way/put pieces in place for s5 to get hard in the paint. This last run of eps sure has been!