Steven Universe, don't tumblr my rocks!


I tried to watch episodes on their app the last time they did this app-specific early launch. It felt like somebody had combined all of the worst features of Netflix and Windows Media Player into a single laggy program. Cannot unrecommed enough.


There are new episodes! Watch them! Holy shit Garnet is so awesome. OK bye


In valence, Dewey’s son reminds me of Brandon Sheffield.


“The new episodes set to air on May 7th are supposed to be such a big deal that they’re actually not getting an early release on the Cartoon Network app. The SU Crew are fighting hard to keep leaks and asymmetrical releases from spoiling fans before the actual local airing of episodes–”

(reads note)

“I have just been informed that a video uploaded by Cartoon Network this afternoon includes images to be used in an episode from an unspecified future season, and that characters depicted in these images have caused several Steven Universe fans to implode. If you can hear this broadcast, you are hereby advised to claw out your own eyes immediately, for your own safety.”


yeah those clips were possibly some series finale? level stuff. good gravy what a weird thing to just casually put out there


I expected it to be worse from all the weeping and gnashing of teeth coming from the SU subreddit, but this definitely rules out several common assumptions about the shape of the series to come. There’s also the real possibility that what we think we’re seeing isn’t actually what we’re seeing.

Anyway! Just a week until we get some actual episodes! I’m excited!


the youtube hot takes cottage industry is already going nuts over this 2-second contextless clip


I predict that Steven Universe will be approximately 236 episodes in length, because this would position “A Single Pale Rose” (episode 146) as the natural climax of the series. This would be eight seasons of 26 episodes each, more or less, with one double-length season of 52 episodes.

Math is the only way I can cope with this episode. Calculating the golden ratio.

This was the moment.


Okay, so that revelation was… inevitable, but handled very well. I especially like how the Pearlception scenario covers for the secrecy even within the narrative such that nothing (save the circumstance of every mention of Rose Quartz’s relationship with Pink Diamond to date) suggested any knowledge of what the situation was.

I mean. That’s one of many things this show does really well, usually: addressing things that may be so obvious that they’re difficult to say in a sensible way yet need to be said, in a way that comes across as sincere and organic.

Something I hadn’t actually thought of, though, until this moment – so, yeah, the Pink Diamond thing was well telegraphed, but what does that mean for Steven? Like, existentially?



I thought it was true earlier on but the show actually did successfully distract me enough to fool me even with scenes like Steven literally remembering being Pink Diamond.

And now that it’s fact I’m realizing I never actually considered the ramifications of what it means. The context for everything is so weird now. The rebellion and the war being an inside job. Everything about Jasper and Bismuth is absolutely wild now. And her fucking human zoo! This is all so weird.

Also pearl’s attitude in this scene takes on a whole new meaning I mean damn…

I’m impressed at the quality of this show. Even the few adult dramas where people claimed to have long term plans in advance don’t usually make themselves so much richer.

also it was only onscreen for a second pearl is really out here getting them digits lol


god even just the fact that steven fused with anyone is wild in context now lol


Furious that Bismuth was bubbled away to protect the lives of the other diamonds by a diamond who started a fake war on herself lol


Like “Garnet is a fusion” this was being theorized months in advance, and all the pieces are laid out in front of the viewer, the show just does a bunch of narrative sleight-of-hand to distract us from them

Unlike “Garnet is a fusion” i didn’t buy this theory for a second, i thought it sounded like a the most obvious stupid twist. It’s a credit to the writers and storyboarders that not only does it not come off stupid in context, but in fact answers a lot of big questions (like why was Rose so damn powerful despite being “an ordinary quartz soldier”?) while also completely blowing open the plot. Also i love that the big reveal at the end is simultaneously genuinely dramatic and played for laughs (though based on the next episode preview, this twist does not go down super well among the CGs)

And it’s naturally being overshadowed but Lapis’s song was lovely and affecting. i appreciate SU’s commitment to showing trauma as something that can’t be quickly or cleanly wiped away; it takes repeated effort to heal, and you’re going to relapse.


masochistically excited to read takes about pink diamond being in “quartzface”


Yeah, for a little while there it seemed like Yellow Diamond had something to do with Pink’s fate; she was acting so strangely toward Blue, as if she were actively trying to redirect blame.


i took that as being indicative of Yellow Diamond’s personality more than anything else. She’s impatient and has a hair-trigger, but tries to hide it behind the guise of being a cool, calculating leader. That’s why she tried to pressure Blue Diamond into moving on (even though YD clearly hasn’t yet), and wanted to just get the trial over with asap. She’s in denial.

Since this was a garbage day overall i have mostly spent it thinking too much about this cartoon and looking up all the little hints and jokes that were dropped about this. My favorite: during the Steven’s Birthday episode, when he’s trying to shapeshift to seem older, he says something like “If I can just keep this up for the rest of my life, no one will suspect a thing!” well played, crewniverse


oh no :bbcry:


:clap: PROTECT :clap: HER :clap:


for my wiki-minded puzzle box brained self i hope they reveal that rose is a post-poof reformation as opposed to a constant active shapeshift


Kind of my suspicion, though who the hell knows now that we know Rose had DIAMOND POWER