Sonic Mania


oh my god


Go to Hydrocity, find a hook, mash in Sonic 3 and Knuckles Level Select code, once you hear the ring, go find a boost.


That’s the only way I ever learned


up up down down up up up up (“in rhythm to the music”) was one of those playground urban legends that I wasn’t sure whether to believe or not (Doomsday Zone was another!). So every time I turned on Sonic 3, I tried the code unsuccessfully and became convinced it was a lie. But I always tried it anyway, and one day I finally heard the chime.


still honestly can’t believe this is a thing in an actual sega game


glad they put some kind of goofy alternate ending for Knux & Knux mode


kinda mad that chaotix remix isn’t on the sound test tho


ok i scrolled past that Dunkey Mode video thinkin it was just a thing he made on his channel, but that’s a REAL thing?

so weird


i’ve gotten all the chaos emeralds on 4 different playthroughs (sonic, s/t, knux, knux&knux) and like…i still want to keep playing?


Speedrun it then


tails alone it for the complete set


oh whoops i did do tails alone too

i guess 5 times then.

yeah maybe gonna get at some of those sweet sweet time trials



It makes me really mad there is no way to digitally buy the soundtrack. Finding a decent link to it is equally hard.

Or y’all are going to tell me it is in .wav files in a folder on the steam version.


I guess sonic playing is a perishable skill

#465 unlooped ogg files

The loop data is stored separately from the actual music files. Some players support logg files, which are ogg files with loop data manually set. You can find some sets here and there but you’ll also observe the issues that arise in attempting to find and implement loop points. Maybe read through/keep an eye on that topic.


So, who’s gonna make screenshot maps of this thing already?? i’m impatient. maybe i’ll have to get the steam version and do it myself


(hi spiffl!)



That’s from one of the Sonic Drift games, right?