Sonic Mania


Yeah I just beat saloon mirage zone and havent found the bosses to be an issue yet. I’ve had a much harder time with bosses in the genesis sonic games before. That plane level was unacceptable though imo. Generally I find the game extremely pleasant but I can’t play it for longer than like 20 minutes, which is fine.



if y’all ever hear about the pc version level select code hook a brother up



Finally got past Oil Ocean Zone. That boss was intolerable. Then I died on the second level of Lava Reef Zone. Slowly making my way through 30 minutes at a time.


man i’ve never gotten super sonic in one of these games before, is it always this awesome


bitch I look like goku


Why do people want to play this in 4:3?

Is it just to impose the same technical restriction the old games had?


it’d be nice for if you’re playing on a real crt


It’s more exciting when you have no idea what’s in front of you.


I’ve stalled at the trumpet speedway cybersonic boss, too fucking long

Otherwise, I’m still ticked off this is essentially a greatest hits compo


True. I hadn’t considered that, but it’s still an uber-niche use case.

How many people have a setup where they can hook up a PC or PS4 to a CRT in 2017?


You gotta have a real expensive Sony BVM or Panasonic production monitor to do native 60hz 16:9 low-res display. Other workable solutions: squish picture on a 4:3 display with analog monitor controls, or pump out double refresh rates on a more typical widescreen 31+khz monitor/tv if the software can cope. Drawbacks with either. Accidentally deleted old post, rewrote.

Squished to 16:9ish. Sure that’ll work just fine.

4:3. Oh yeah, now we’re talking, bacon thick.


Is this one of those moments where UK and USA oppose? For me ticked off means very annoyed and angry at.



This vidcon is not enough




Sonic and Knuckles’ eyelids being their skin color might be anatomically correct, but it looks super weird.


how come I couldn’t ever for the life of me get the debug level select to unlock in sonic 3 as a kid even though I tried every time I turned the game on


if you’re talking about the title screen code it is actually super hard to input. there’s a real narrow frame window for each button press

i only managed to get it once or twice as a kid

i was so glad when i finally got a game genie

then i found out as an adult i could have done a cart swap with sonic 2 or input a different in game code while hanging from a vine or a hook