Sonic Mania


I guess they just let the dudes who made the best fangames and the Sonic 2/cd ports have a field day and a budget which is pretty neat

There is so much ridiculous sonic/sega nerd details in these levels and even just the title screen

What a fascinating little piece of work


it looks and sounds like a mega cd game in the best way

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More companies should just bankroll independent takes on their IP when the talent clearly demonstrates itself

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They’d tried everything else!


That title screen is a real punch in the gut god damn look at this shit.


Oh god, I’ve become part of a Sonic the Hedgehog target audience demographic.

This looks amazing.


Why isn’t the Sonic 2 remaster released on PC?

really looking forward to this

That title screen is a real punch in the gut god damn look at this shit.

yes agree x 10
i was watching the whole thing like 'are you actually fuckn serious’
fuck everything
but I am dissapointed that ‘remixed’ versions of old zones means ‘slightly fancified’ like the same layout with little novelty additions when brand new levels with old tilesets would clearly be better. i wanted it to be ‘ultimate green hill zone’, green hill zone like how you remember it being, not 1:1 how it actually was and always has been since 1992.

just a little bit past that segment of green hill, the layout becomes pretty radically different

no telling how many acts yet though

also they are saying a boss in every act and “longer than generations” which i don’t know what that technically means, more levels? longer campaign?

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there’s an nx logo at the end

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that suggests a sonic 3 style structure. perhaps 2 acts per zone?

Wow, this looks great! I wasn’t expecting this out of 2016 Sega. I love all the little set pieces on display in the new zone, like the popcorn machine and the satellite van. It really gets that Genesis sonic vibe and takes it to a heightened level.

Oh nooooooo.

If they’re like classic Sonic bosses, this could ruin any game.

I have always thought that Knuckles Chaotix deserved a ground up remake because at the very least the style and look of the whole thing was so memorable and distinct, this looks like it came from that same 32X/CD era and I’m kind of pissed that I want this new game so bad. I love that new lighter blue Sonic sprite.

meanwhile the other new game…I wonder if Sonic Generations is just gonna be a franchise now, which would be fitting considering how much it seems this fractured split between eras is now built into every think piece and write up and new detail about the character. I’m sure this game is gonna have Sonic Boom sonic because why not

Sonic '07.

it’s really strange to me that several games have been announced for this thing before anyone knows what it is