Sonic Mania


The sequel, yeah.


Here you go


the level select on the steam version is

enable debug mode under cheats then hold Q and A keys over the no save mode (or X and A buttons if you have an xbox controller)


Looks like there’s only one act with top/bottom wrap-around? I was suspicious that’s what was happening when going through the later part of that act, but it’s subtle enough it never draws attention to itself. I kept anticipating an endless loop puzzle section that never appeared.


Ahh holy shit, bless you


Holy cow, I’ve played Press Garden 1 literally 7 or 8 times by this point and I never realized the whole thing looped vertically (I thought it was just the part at the end)

Knuckles Mirage Saloon 1 is beautiful omg.



you can do this for as long as you like. eventually, you get 10000 points for each badnik, and you get extra lives every 50000 points


my gf will be pleased to hear this. she was dismayed that you couldn’t get lives by keeping the end-of-level sign afloat





Did u make this one??


yah. spriters resource has all the special stage backgrounds and background objects ripped separately so it’s very easy + fun to mix and match!




I also only recently just found out about this:


mirage saloon zone act 2 is so good <3

things I like about it:

~ best song in sonic mania (so far)
~ the bar stools that spin you around then launch you
~ wanted posters of the bosses
~ good zone name
~ bouncy piano keys
~ the snap sound the light bulbs make
~ the swooping sound the pink and blue birds make
~ the vanishing sand loops
~ seeing oil ocean zone in the distance


You’ll find this channel is the director’s of Traveller’s Tale, and he does some deep dives into Sonic R and Sonic 3D Blast.



i made it to what i’m assuming is the last boss last night (i didn’t collect any emeralds though, maybe on a second playthrough)

it’s tough! i game-overed once at flying battery (wasted a bunch of lives on the part where you basically have to let go of the controller) and oil ocean (octopus’ hitboxes took some getting used to) and twice at metal madness (since i got there with one life lol) but i’m guessing this will take significantly more tries. the fact that i can damage the sentai robots at all when i get teleported to their rooms means i probably have to defeat all of them… i did destroy one of the tentacles without that though so maybe there’s more to it, we’ll see.

this game is really good (including the bosses and autoscrollers, sry (ok maybe not metal sonic)). i did not expect to be playing this much blue sphere but i’m ok with that

i can’t deal with how good the music is. metal madness zone is probably my favorite of the new stuff but every track is phenomenal tbh

the only real failing is the lack of zone transitions past a certain point… it always gets act 1 -> 2 transitions perfect and there are a bunch of good zone transitions early on so i’m not sure what happened there. flying battery to press garden deserved more than a fade to black, they could’ve even done the time warp thing a bunch more to fill in gaps without much effort and it would’ve been a huge improvement! it’s, like, one of my favorite things from s3&k, c’mon! :c


you don’t have to do that thing you mention in your spoilers