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testing out a new YM2612 RE for Reason

testing out a new-old geet


Melodic mono-synth improvisation atop big chords


hey I released an album finally:

also here’s an image because pictures


clean ‘n’ tight, m’dude :ok_hand:


forgot to say – if anyone wants a dl code just hmu in that pm and I’ll send it to you!


I’ve always enjoyed writing songs (and think I’m pretty good at it), but could never get a band together and was never particularly talented as a musician (i.e., I really needed a band to bring the songs to life). I tried hard for years on the band front and never came close to getting a group together consistently. Before I moved across the country like a year and a half ago, I decided I wanted some kind of “closure” on the songs, so I sat down with an acoustic guitar and recorded myself howling my favorites into an iPod Nano using the “Voice Memo” function over a few weeks. I ended up with three albums worth of no overdubbing, bad sound quality, lots of weird mouth noises to simulate some non-vocal melodies, etc. material. If that sounds like your thing (lol), here’s my Bandcamp page (it also now has this dumb electronic thing I did for a college class):

At the time I thought that was it for me and music, but lately I’ve been getting the urge to write again and have been screwing around with a few ideas. But I don’t know, inspired by all the awesome stuff in this thread, maybe I’d be better served trying my hand at electronic music. At least then I’d be able to have an actual final product at the end!


jesus this is good. this is so good


Hey. Thank you – really means a lot.


i’d love to pick your brain about what’s going on in your music sometime


Two MD originals I cooked up for a live set I did on the 2nd (Perth WA time, that is :V )



here’s one of those things I mentioned

I don’t actually know how the embedding works so don’t blame me if it’s broken

Edit: ok I guess it worked


i tried to rip off the ending theme to aku no hana in the slow part in track 2 :happig:


Did another one. Nothing special, these are just kind of a form of meditation for me I guess


need to sell this berserk ost beat


I thought this piece of yours was particularly good.

I arranged a medieval hymn.

You can hear what the original might’ve been sung like here.


Thank you.

This is very cool – my kind of harmony! I’m digging the feel at 1:12 (particularly the stuff in the high register), as well as the descending bass following the A pedal stuff around 1:00.

Loving that the harmony at the end is a real sneaky violation of (a particularly videogamey) convention:

a flat major -> b flat major -> not c major.

Rhythmically I’m reminded of this.

This was fun to listen to. Thanks :slight_smile:


We had a make crusty old rap music challenge at the shop