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Well, now that people are posting here a little I’ll edit this post!

I haven’t been making music much over the last few months, but you can find me things on Sondclod and bundcump. The newest thing that I never posted here was just some keyboard improvising:

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What yas up to?


alright! I added some songs to my soundcloud for the first time in a while, try them out for a relaxing time. plastic crypts


here’s my soundcloud


I am very happy for this thread.


I particularly like this one AM. Good for a humid day.



check out my soundcloud brah


What’s your DAW of choice HV?


@Brooks Right now I’m using Reason 7.1 as my main synth/composition workhorse, and Reaper 5.1 for editing, misc. recording and production stuff. I have a copy of Pro Tools Express lying around that came with my audio interface, but ┐(‘~`;)┌


thanks blueberry, I agree re: that song and humid days. the second guitar feels like summer evening air and then the vocal is a crisp breeze, or a glass of ice water. I recorded it with a variety of expensive microphones and an enormous mixing desk, it was pretty fun.

your soundcloud is cool, I need to take a closer look


This is a rock and roll song I recorded a number of months ago.


I must have used every known system at this point but none exceeds Fruity in all sooth

That didn’t used to be the case of course


I just couldn’t get my head around FLStudio last time I tried it. I have no idea how I made a track with it years ago.


Here are my two latest tracks. The first is a short, percussion-heavy fusion piece in irregular time; the second is a fast-paced FM jamfest that plays with a central melody.


Tech shit

Now, as far as I know the loudness war is basically done with the advent of auto-gain systems in most new playback software

I’m always interested in the mixdown practices of others so, plz share

Currently I am being highly anal about retaining major dynamic range, keeping my average RMS (well, LUFS these days) way low and avoiding compressors like the fucking pox

Also experimenting with impulses for better space presentation

I strongly appreciate that very expensive plugins are very easy to steal


Any DAW worth its salt comes with a decent set of basic plugs, too, so it’s gravy.

I need to concentrate more on retaining dynamics, as I’ve noticed things get pretty squished in the louder sections of my recent tracks. Pretty sure I push things too far when I’m bringing everything up to level. I’m not totally against compressors as they can really help glue everything together in the final mix, but it’s pretty easy to overdo it.

I record most of my guitar via DI, so I’m pretty reliant on reverb to help give recordings appropriate atmosphere. Haven’t used my convolution plugs very often ITR, but I’d had decent results when I have.


I’m following you all now. Don’t let me down :smile_cat:


Don’t worry. I only make good music. : 3


Most of the recording I do/have done has been low on processing in general. Generally I have to do whatever a client wants but I do refuse to push levels too high and also avoid compression and artificial plug ins (this does not attract me very much business).

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is just how dated things seem to me when relying too heavily on cutting edge technology. At the moment I try to get good recordings in one take to avoid too much editing later, then just balance levels and EQ and compress individual elements to taste with some cheap, but solid, outboard gear. I’ll also mixdown stems of guitars, drums etc just to make some decisions final. The flexibility digital recording affords means half of the people I work with just keep tweaking and tweaking for hours on end. I cannot stand this process.

It helps that I only really work with live bands because this practice is not at all sustainable in the current climate of record production.


i am planning on making things for musical consumption again soon, but i’ve been consumed by having a job again - oh and hi SB

e: oh right, uh, some people here have expressed interest in/appreciation of my music in the past, so check out what i believe are the two best things i’ve ever done: &

which were completed after i stopped really interfacing much (read: at all) with SB proper


I’m trying to get an album prepared – it will be filled with songs like this:

sometimes I make less beat-driven stuff like this:

I will usually make songs in the first style though