Share & Talk About Your Music


The only “serious” song I ever tried to make:

A couple of joke songs made in songsmith:

A Seinfeld mashup of two other Seinfeld remixes:


really dig the rachmaninoff concerto 3 shoutout :slight_smile:

or is it 2? I can’t remember off the top of my head whoops




cool yeah! I listened to both of them a lot so they kind of just blur together as one mega-concerto to me


i need to figure out the best way to record off my digital piano and then i’m going to put out a little piano improvisationish album thing

i have come to actively disdain tempo


Finished up a few more. It’s nice finally having two monitors again.


Would anyone here like to have their music in a competitive videogame? I’m going to try showing off an early build of my game at an event here in MKE, and I’m looking for a few more tracks. Think Towerfall but chillwave hip hop r&b dreamy whatever. Higher fidelity, moderately peppy works best.


hi!! i still make techno! this is a 100% live electribe demo from a few months ago. lately i’m really into dubbier stuff like this and a more like, frenetic jeff mills-y sound (demos of which i will record eventually!)


yaayy this is really good! which electribe are you using?



the non-sampler electribe 2. i kinda wish i had the sampler one but i got a good price on this & it’s 1000x easier for me than the way i used to do things (ableton + launchpad)


i recorded a version of a michael pisaro score and then someone decided to put it out on tape!


spent a lot of time, effot, and emotion working on this
mostly in the wee hours when i should have been sleeping
it’s pretty close to what i wanted it to be
might keep working on it, probably not though


a misspent youth with final fantasy battle music and droning menus.

(apologies for quality in advance.)



I was just thinking about this song today! This is excellent


Track written in 2014 that I forgot to upload.



I should finalize and release this album. It’d be easy if I just abandoned vocals/lyrics…


My third game soundtrack is up and soaring on my bandcamp.