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more stuff


More grimy bullshit I get paid to make


Wrote a sequel of sorts to ‘Assemblage Panoply.’

Unused scraps from a complete track, just to give an idea of what was cut.


Another quickie, while the platform still exists




I was listening to this today while driving back and forth across town. It’s very good.


oh wow – thanks! that’s really cool to hear :slight_smile:


Let us amount to it all


Album this month or next. Album art by GnosticBeaumont.


moosic :confused:


Guitar is fun :guitar:


i’ve somehow got myself booked to support one of my favourite artists and i’ve never done any sort of live performance before



A pair of PC-98 arrangements I’ve done while getting to grips with my DAW.



released an album today


my friends made a “way better than any basic description can do” mixtape of pokemon inspired dark-wave


I’m getting myself BACK into the MUSIC MAKING

But first up, I am obligated to “remaster” some old shit as it’ll be re-released

This is a very noisy track to begin with (ALSO CAUTION: EDGE) but if anyone wants to let me know if the mix is serviceable on the whole, or any kind of feedback, I’d love to hear it.

Woops the last couple secs got cut…well I’m done for now.


just uploaded a lil noisey dance song i made a couple months back onto my soundcloud.