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Cool vid.


I’ve been lazy about this for over 15 years


Is that the one with Solvent in it? I’ve been meaning to watch that forever.


The plugin simply called LEVELS seems efficient, all one’s peak and average, correlation, bass focus, dynamic range etc monitoring in a single, legible package

You don’t even need to touch the defaults really


remind me to do this when I get home from this, I got a lotta gear (but I didn’t spend much money on it!!)


Bit of mood music I cooked up today.



Cool brohm brohm sounds bruh.


Forgot to stick in here: my first collab! Played second fiddle for a cover, adding FM guitars wherever needed :V


hi! I’m going to be playing a show in Brooklyn in a couple weeks:

i wanna e-mail jim cramer about getting higher quality jim cramer sound effects


Tried to do my best at copying M. Hamauzu.


I like that, Diplo, cool sound.


Noisy combative haunt.



I like the first part of this, pretty tight.


Thanks! I’m in the middle of “final mixing” a great deal of songs right now, and this one’s coming up. It’s meant to be a bit coarse but there’s places to polish and make transitions smoother.


I wish I could contribute to this thread but all I ever make is 1:1 MIDI piano covers of game songs in FL Studio, and I usually don’t ever finish them.

I like making music and have even bought devices to facilitate it, but honestly I’m just generally too depressed and drained of energy to actually learn how to do anything the right way, so they’ve just been sitting in my closet.


You could still share these, even if they’re impartial…