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so the setup in question is a hardware setup – I have an electribe 2 as my midi master synced to two gameboys running LSDJ (via a raspberry pi acting as midi host device) and a microbrute. it’s all running into a korg km-402 mixer and I’m going to record the line out from the mixer! I’m mostly complaining about the fact that I actually have to trigger instrument parts live and in the right order as opposed to arranging in a DAW where I can just arrange it and not have to remember the order the parts get triggered >_>

in ableton I mostly used midi tracks to trigger my microbrute and just recorded the microbrute back into ableton


I felt like my bit sounded patronising, so forgive me there. That said, what’s the advantage of using a seperate system as a MIDI host? Could you possibly simplify it (the whole set-up) a bit?


it’s mostly to bring the gameboys into the setup – I have a little DIY box that converts MIDI to a format that a gameboy can receive through the link port but the problem is that 1. the teensyboy is usb powered and 2. the box only has a mini-usb port, no MIDI ports

normally that wouldn’t be a problem because I could just send midi from the electribe’s usb port directly to the teensyboy but neither device is a midi host! which is SUPER annoying but oh well

somehow with all of this hardware I managed to end up without any midi host capability! if I could simplify the setup I would, but unfortunately that’s just where I’m at right now

I’m being stubborn about the gameboys though because they add a lot of depth to my sound without too much work. usually I can just have them play a faux-sidechained sustained chord and run that through the multitap delay that I have on the mixer and that makes everything sound super full, and the electribe has voice stealing problems that I can get around if I just use gameboys for long pad-ish stuff

also I should’ve posted this in the electronic music tech thread >_>


my advice to anyone doing music and audio production is to study signal processing, particularly EQ and compression. it can do a lot to add dynamics and character to digital sample based instruments without having to go in and tweak every note


oh and also get some good saturation plugins and abuse the eff out of them


-get old tape deck
-get One of those car tape deck adapters

  • run signal through tape deck. Crank the tape deck
  • saturation of fun!!!


been working on a solo album. here’s a song from it. still a very early mix. idk why I’m sharing this, guess I’m kinda proud of it!


pretty neat stuff
for some reason it makes me think of top-era ben folds five


that is very flattering! it’s the kind of comparison I’m hoping to avoid, but I guess it’s inevitable! piano and drums and stuff

I’m not nearly as good a pianist as ben folds is tho ;__;


Ack, didn’t want to reinforce easy comparisons. But even beyond the format, some of the chord motion and melodic tics just really sound Foldsian. I mean it in a 100% positive way, tho!


no, like I said, I’m flattered! I am big early ben folds fan :3


In honor of Romancing SaGa 2 coming to Englishland, here is a, uh, Romancing SaGa 3 battle theme I arranged. A long time ago. And only remembered now to upload. To Soundcloud, anyway.


Maybe cuz it’s a music sharing thread ya bumbo


no way!!


You say this like it’s a bad thing


it’s not my music per se but

I made a dj mix of dance music my girlfriend and I liked a lot over the last year

I do this every year for her birthday


upload so I don’t feel bad about my lack of creative output!

it is not finished nor mixed nor mastered so if it’s a little soft MY BAD


Latest piece.


new song