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I’ve made a lot of chiptunes on It’s such a nice little tool, I love it! Best of all it stores the entire song in the URL so they can be tweeted without any hassle at all.

Most of my songs are here: (click on Music)

A few of my favorites:

I Learned to Dance from a Saguaro

RPG Fight (for the game Dream of an Acacia Tree)

It’s Costanza, George Costanza (an EDM style remix of Tom’s Diner because whytf not)



This is really tickling my fancy.


thanks. the title is an honest expression of my feelings toward the release, so that means a lot


This was great! Going into my regular rotation of music.


Stage Clear


This one took a while to finish. Ideally played on an actual pipe organ.


I made this as a demo for nicest of the damned. probably not gonna be nearly this synth poppy with the band, but I’m kinda into how self indulgently 80s it is. still having trouble singing it, but that’s my entire life so whatever

oh look dropbox embeds work now, that’s cool

edit lol never mind I guess they don’t, clicky clicky


dank tune
can you send me the instrumental and lyrics? i’d like to record a vocal take of it if you don’t mind


new album, just ambient drones


heck yeah! the lyrics and song structure are probably gonna change tho!


another new album


this is great!


whoa, this ziggurat remix is incredible! really strips it down and recontextualizes just about everything about it. feels like if it was in the secret of mana soundtrack or something…!


Pretty great indeed!


thinking my next release is going to be exceptionally depressing ambient music

or maybe it’ll be chill, who tf knows


I’m really enjoying conciliatory condonements. I’m especially liking how the tracks don’t have any silence between, and since the album sounds so coherent in the first place, some of the tracks end up sounding like one long song with interesting rhythm changes. It’s nice.

starboard and half-feathered are my favorites.


new track

actually kind of proud of this one


Been working on this track on and off since late 2013.


I’m making a new house music-ish project called PARTING:

bad clipping at the very end sorry! recording is directly from the mixer