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The more that is spoke of its death the more it attracts those with nothing to gain


oh my godddd



spent an afternoon making some music with some pals this week, here is a low-bit dungeon jam we did

volca beats + volca bass + yamaha pss-something


i luv it


have a crush who lives in a different country so i’m making music that sounds like robots kissing


Old demos maybe one day dusted off vol 384x-v. Electric Supply Building, extra up top.


ableton 10 drum buss is too good


I bought a Neutron because apparently I gotta catch 'em all
It is really very gnarly


o rite i made this last week or something:


I like this loads! how did you make it? sounds so lush

ps, made a lil dancey song the other evening


i’m on the internet radio this evening


dang! wish I’d seen this. my new fav thing is hanging out in the NTS chat room during work


starting to find a process with my music making that I’m enjoying. a pal returned a 404 I had lended her so I made this yesterday to celebrate


I got a little excited with the feedback knob on ableton’s ping pong delay and made this:

it’s somehow a total of 2 tracks and a drum rack

who the fuck needs a compressor anyway


That kick is disgusting :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration:


i made a couple more things this week

this one, just this evening.
volca fm/casio/tanzmaus/cyclone

and this one a couple evenings ago, it’s about metallica
all on a 404, sampling my voice and a guitar, and also a youtube video played through under it. also some tom drums from my casio actually!


Are old myspace bands that have been long deleted allowed on this thread?


Sure I’d think so.

Heres something I contributed to like a decade ago, hyper times

slither into the fortress


zola the wedding website somehow has a 404 as a gift option for a wedding registry

so now I have a 404 on the registry

it’s kind of a joke? until someone decides to spend a lot of money on it and then it becomes deadly serious