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When I lived in Amsterdam I used to go to a club called De School and it is probably my favourite place on earth to exist in. Being in there and seeing whoever do an amazing acid house set or whatever was kind of tangential to the really vital and energetic sense of urgency in the moment of “being in the club.” I think there can be a really emancipatory element to club culture for lots of different folks. De School had gender neutral bathrooms and was open enough and well designed enough that you could always find your own space to dance and enjoy music there. Being an embodied person in that space, being an ungendered blob in the fog sheltered by the noise, was really important for me in a time of my life full of intense loneliness and gender dysphoria.

Spending time there was such a nice feeling, and it left me with loads of revelatory moments which I’ve drawn upon as a political person interested in making change in the world. A club recently started in Dublin run by some cool young queer folk and the first time they did it I had never felt so comfortable and at home since moving back to Dublin months prior (and I haven’t felt it since).

I guess what I mean to say is that dance music, for me, is inherently political. Compared with other forms of music, its goals are usually really clear: make people dance, and the kind of bonds you can make on a dance floor feel nearly as close to organisation and concatenation and solidarity as any type of protest or action I’ve been to.

Anyway, quickly came here to gush about getting my first drum machine today. It’s an MFB Tanzmaus and this is the very first thing I made with it:

PS, Here is some recent rave-nostalgia driven dance music that I’m really into:


i shoulda raved more when i was younger

but i was too judgmental and also a jerk so

now i’m 30 going on 60 and i go to sleep at 10 PM unless i’m playing on my switch, at which point i stay up to the late hour of midnight


i’m going to listen to everything in this thread


All dance music is explicitly political folks


I’m trying to upload old stuff I never quite deleted or developed further.

This one’s about appropriation of a looped santor.


It was a snow day here so I decided to record a mix of various odd and not-so-odd seven inch records I’ve accrued over the years. This mix not only features a rupert the bear b-side but also is bookended with two different versions of the same song, because… I can?

anyway, might interest some of ya, weird folk, lo fideltiy things, punk burgeoning and electronic fuzz and hmmm, again, rupert the bear.


sorry for the double post but I’m still snowed in so I thought I’d make another mix today? this one is a bunch longer, and kind of becomes a “dance music” mix about 30 mins in. I’m actually sorta proud of it :slight_smile:


I recorded a lil live acidy slow synth jam using a Korg Volca FM, a Tanzmaus, a Cyclone TT-303 Bass Bot V2, and a Casio SA-10 plugged into a Holy Grail pedal and a Line 6 DL4 delay pedal.




hello i made a song a while ago about the sound of the rain against the loft windows of my bedroom and i found it hidden on a hard drive today. its made me a little sad: i no longer play piano and i’m still stuck in this stupid room… and i had to sell my piano. music blows. think i might move to–escape to–japan to work as an english teacher. that would be cool, to learn another language and be completely free from everything, everyone here in stupid england. anyway, i hope you enjoy it.

loft windows (or tents in the rain)

just found “take 2” as well


so my band is making an EP, and we just got first draft mixes back from the engineer for 3/4 of the songs. You can listen to them here:

I’d be really thankful for any kind of feedback!


A bit of FM+PSG. Working some stuff out for later.

@SLUGGER Nice sound! I feel like the vocals in Colt should stay solo at first, with the extra layers coming in halfway through. That’s more of a “how I’d do it” thing though - sounding pretty tight mix-wise.


This forced its way into my brain last night and hasn’t left me alone since, so I had no choice but to get it out or be cursed forever.

I’m so sorry.


truly I am history’s greatest monster, pls ban


unmixed and unmastered snippet of what’s supposed to be a 15 minute epic thing that will be a part of my game’s soundtrack

I just need to perform creativity atm forgive me


whoa i turned this on and it is instantly great!


Dreamy! Giving me water or cave level vibes.


finally got me some uk garage drum hits

sorry not sorry etc

all I did was replace the samples used in the percussion of the track I posted previously and added reverb lol


My band played a show last weekend and a stranger randomly took video of most of it and it sounds pretty good so here it is:


Oh man a rock band! I didn’t know they even made these any more