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I recorded my first live radio show on saturday and played a track by @meauxdal and by @HEAVYVIPER too, xo. Lots of other oddities and things across two hours!



I like the Super Metroidy vox stabs




some new things


I got a synth. I fooled around and made a track with it.


Okay I did another one


I did a new album


Making a new album with my band. I think I posted a virtual instrument demo of this song way back up, years ago. Here’s a live tracked version. Pretty much there with the mix, not mastered. Vocal performance still isnt quite there but



this is extremely good thanks


yo what is that icon from? That Kawazu game people have been posting recently?


saga frontier 2


Hell yeah

Congrats on your new Shadow Tower WR by the way


new one


Whoops, wahey, here we go again~



Here’s a foolish little thing from a few early-mornings ago that I did for no reason. I just-now bothered to mix a stereo stage on it in Cool Edit, which I think helps a little.

It’s not as cool as the other stuff in this thread. But it certainly exists!


i luv the verby video game sounds of this and your other recent posts


this is cool and nice