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I started painting seriously late last year and this is the only one I feel like I can show people so far. It’s hard work!


I love vanitas and that shit is gorgeous.




i participated in the hourly comic day yesterday, here was my contribution

also some other recent pics

a lot of ppl seem to think i only draw “cute little cat people” but its actually more like “cute little weasel people”


a film i made was just published by kinet
warning: there is a lot of noise on the soundtrack, like A LOT, and from the very start.




An old photo taken years ago on some road in Colorado


I just finished this painting. It’s pretty big, I guess. 4ft tall.
I’m actually always lurking this forum, but I feel weird about speaking up unless I have something to show. But now that I have this, maybe I’ll go post in that sex thread. Maybe.


Fucking hell, chief


Looks great! I like the watercolory effect of the paint for the skulls.

Here’s a piece I did a few months ago.



Those look ace. Love the texture and colours.


woah i saw these the other day, did not realise it was you. sick work


Where could a person see more?


Amazing paintings guys, real neat. :thumbsup: :paintbrush:




How did I miss this? I’ve been wanting to do this myself for years.


I wouldnt blame you if you guessed my age for twelve looking at this shit but I finally sat and drew after far too long

ugh theyre all fuckered up and sideways!