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I think the thing is eventually going to become an open source “Zelda” maker type thing that uses Tiled and, uh, other things. If you’re interested I can share you the stuff I have.


Dude this is gonzo legendado


I really really love it. Especially the way you’ve introduced variety to the tile set by interpreting what was already there. The way you transition from the green shrubs to the brown and dead ones around level one is a stroke of genius. I did something similar once with the Zelda 1 overworld. I’ve posted it here before, in the beautiful maps thread. You’ve obviously put a lot more thought and care into this, though. Sorry I’m gushing, but this pushes all my buttons (I think you can say that in a good way, right?)

Someday, I’ll show something from the pixel-art game project I’ve been fooling with. It’s not ready yet though.


Here’s some more of that embroidery stuff I do. These ones were sitting on my computer after showing them off to another friend of mine.

My mom had a kit of that primordial cat picture pre-dating the Internet, back when she handed me all of her cross-stitching materials. It had about the hind legs complete when I received it and It was only in the last year that I sat down to finish it. It was meant for a couple that had chat de la lune woodcut so I figured it would be in good company. Unfortunately when I reached out they replied once and then nothing but silence. They’re still around as my Facebook tells me they are, but this still remains: a gift without a person to go to.

Ignore the squares, those were basically my first forays into the hobby and I don’t have a good frame for them. The bear is my first dabbling in actual embroidery, using tribal tattoo designs traced onto the fabric. It turned out okay, though I was unhappy with how loose the backing was, and I might still use it for a family Christmas gift.
The unicorn was a spur the moment thing. A group brought in a new friend for games night, back when we still did that. I was between projects, finishing up the bear and looking at this multi-colour embroidery floss to see how I would ever use it for a project. This new friend aligns herself closely to unicorns and mermaids so it didn’t take much for inspiration to strike. I probably should not have sketched the damn thing in black marker but what’s done is done. She has it now but I doubt she will remember a thing about it in another month.

The circular motif was a pattern I found online that looked neat and it would work with fabric I had with a small square count (smaller means larger squares which makes it crap for detailed work). I experimented with varying the number of strands in each of the colours, then slapped it into a hoop as a gift for another friend who’s made growing plants her hobby and has a lack of things hanging on her house walls.
The darker fabric is the somewhat current progress of a project from a kit purchased about a year go. The pattern is of two fairies silhouetted against the moon and it’s for myself. It’s silly complex to what I’ve done before in counted cross-stitch and there has been some creative adjustments when I’ve gone off-pattern. It’s difficult to work with because I made the decision to track the amount of time I’m spending on it based on the running times of movies I’m watching at the same time. I’m nearly up to 60 (fuck!) movies, most of them mediocre Netflix trash.


Pushed myself to finish this thing tonight. I really hope this Zelda maker type thing pans out because making this tileset and mapping out the map was really fun. It felt a lot like making the maps in old Nintendo Power mags.

If you’re curious, the points that I think are most interesting are

  1. Area around Level 1
  2. Graveyard
  3. Path to the White Sword
  4. The area around Mt Doom is kinda nice and subtle


Yay nay?


i really like that long S that curves to look almost like a crescent



Those facades are beautiful Diplo.


Thank you. That last one was based on this


I made some huge changes to my tabletop game, and my year-long campaign has been on hiatus all summer, so everyone is going to be remaking their characters. In celebration, I’m doing art for all of them for their new character sheets. I’ll edit this post and add them as I get more of them done:

Bill Parkinson and Good Vibrations


Eto’o Abu-Alaghanam and Welcome to the Jungle

Eto’o’s Tiger, Nemo


Sometimes my cellphone pictures rise above their normal level




Taken last year. Sort of meant to spend more time taking pictures using the light from the sodium/mercury vapor lamps that are getting replaced with LEDs but never really got around to it much. Maybe I still have time.


god i love sodium vapour lamps


going back through digital point-and-shoot stuff i shot in japan

i will never be able to afford to develop the ~30 rolls of film i shot there and it hurts where are all the patrons of the arts


i just want to spend my life inhaling and exhaling photographs and they mean more to me than anything else in existence and there’s such a financial barrier between me and engagement in art to the level i need and it just… sucks


Come the new year and the winter semester, I’ll be studying to learn some illustration. In the meantime, rakugaki!


One of my coworkers game me his old Yashica Electro 35 GSN and after a long and good cleaning (last time he used it it was on the beach and it really shows) is ready to serve, got also a Ricoh 500G for peanuts in Ebay (replacing the seals was a pain though) and a pinhole camera. Been missing shooting film, should be fun.


WIP below, based on a dream