Share and talk about your visual art


Yeah, that makes a bunch of sense


Yeah, that makes a bunch of snes


On weekends I go out and draw stuff. These last three weekends mostly churches.

I decided to draw from real life as much as I can and somehow I am sticking to it. Is both liberating and with resignations. You know that nothing is going to look as good as if I were in my house taking my time. And that if you make a mistake, well, you have to live with it and draw around it. But it’s… fun? And you learn a lot?


Pretty cool, dude.


Oh, cool. You were pretty close to Saint Mary Woolnoth! That’d be a superb church exterior to paint.


My facades are getting better and better.


Yeah, I was in a meetup about drawing Wren’s churches. Saint Mary Woolnoth was quite popular so I went for the ones that were not already drawn.

I’ve been scanning a lot of stuff because I leave my finished sketchbooks (the few I finished for now) in Spain. So here’s a little bit more of drawings.


I’m not sure what’s going on w/ my company so here’s some pixel art I’ve been working on


i wanna do a post-america children’s book


I do cross stitch. Here is my work.

Latest set, for a couple of friends. The bit in between the ravens is metallic thread and I highly recommend NOT working with that shit because it is the worst. It’s now framed and I would have a pic of that but it didn’t turn out well; the flash was reflecting off the glass and it’s more for knowing when I made it rather than presentation. Anyway, still have to give it to them because those two are probably the worst organized people I know.

Finished around July of this year. Also for a friend who’s a Hogwart’s fiend. She really appreciated it, especially because she could use it for theming with her work! Really fun to do, took about 5 and a half months and large numbers of TV shows and movies to get through.

December of last year. This was meant for the *GDQ in January but it would not have been framed by then, unfortunately. It still got to go to the SGDQ and you may have seen it during the Link block. I like this picture the most of the things I’ve stitched.


Wow! I got into cross-stitch a bit when I was a kid. This is impressive stuff.


This is a rough draft done yesterday.

I have the initial linework for the final draft done. Might scan it later. A lot of the details changed.


I wanted to do a sort of facade/altar hybrid based on spots like this from Bloodborne.


@diplo would you have any tips on getting the same twisty turny epic crazy feeling from the Souls games in overhead 2D?

I’m really into how you get it to feel excessive but still have large monumental moments in your pieces.


I don’t know. Those games stress looking up at monumental things or across vast distances and that’s kind of at odds with an overhead design where you’re always looking down at you character as a sort of godly eye in the sky. You might just have to constrict the amount of walkable space there is to give more room for superimposed rises.

  • Room-based camera movement + multiple paths per room increases a sense of complex scale (compare Link’s Awakening overworld (good!) to Link to the Past (feel smaller due to bigger, less complex rooms))

  • Hyper Light Drifter is focused on and very good at providing sense of scale through vistas visible behind top-down perspective. Of course, you have to keep pretending the player is climbing up, but you can also invert it with views to caverns deep below


Thanks guys. I think a combination of what you’re saying is what I can do to fix it, and I have an idea of how I’m going to do it.

Back to diplo’s art, I really, really genuinely love how there’s big focal points that are all comparable to each other. That tiny door under that bottom arch really gives a sense of scale to all the other arches. The repeating and differently sized bricks and columns and whatnot… shit’s dope.

What do you use to scan your work? Do people still use scanners? Or is stuff just like taking a photo from high above now?


oh hey cool thread. I take pictures sometimes.



Responding to remind myself to reply in full later

~Later~ This is the scanner I have. It’s good. Make sure to look for other scanners that have the CCD spec listed. CIS (as opposed to CCD) scanners will distort the colors of traditional media. Of course, you can always take photos yourself, but that will require a good stable camera and appropriate lighting, which is difficult to achieve. The most frustrating thing about scanners is that even though they continue to be the best option for artists making small-scale work it’s basically impossible to find any that have a bed that’s slightly larger than a piece of computer paper. Anything with a reasonably sized scanning bed will be enormous and cost a prohibitive amount.