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Found some scans of old childhood drawings on my computer, and I figure they’re not against the rules of the thread:

This one is supposed to be Grouchy the Tiger pressing the button at a pedestrian crossing. The little thumbnail version in the corner is supposed to show what is happening

I revisited the character in my university painting class, only now he is begging on the streets:

This one shows some bug characters I made up and wrote stories about. I remember there were some good bugs and bad bugs. Here you can see the big ant dude has chained an earthworm to a wall and is threatening him with an axe, while the evil Bee is escaping on foot.

Here’s some pages of unfinished comics I made when I was around 12 or so. This first one got up to the last page before I gave up for some reason:


dang im really diggin on 12-year-old you’s style


As of recently, I’ve been doing portraits of the members of the party in one of the tabletop campaigns I currently partake in.
The Anemic Artificer

The Young, Strong, Swamp Hag

The Holy Monk


A gem bonner

Welcome home, traveller




Some more brick brutalism.


rough paintsketch for bootleg bart t-shirt


Has Bart Simpson graduated to Ocarina of Time nose now


he wanted more triangles on his head


Making some sprites for the next iteration of CombatJr


i revived my old art tumblr and ma-ha-haaan was that a worthy move

(same Original the Characters Do Not Steal as the 'bove)

edit: oh heres the link btw plz have a look :3


been doing Inktober this month

currently behind by 2 and need to catch the hell up lol ;_;


Couple of pieces I’ve put on Patreon


summer is officially over
i biked over a thousand miles
here’s more things i saw and liked

cu next ride


Here’s something I spent way too much time on.

Sometimes a fun thing to do is to download a map from vgmaps and replace all the tiles. You know, for fun. Inspired by the pixels are not square topic as well as the announcement of a new game in the series, I spent most of the weekend doing this with the first level of Blaster Master. Then I took some screenshots and filtered them up. Here:

And here’s the full level, in case anybody wants to play with it.


What’s that filter

(I will never stop asking about filters apparently)

If you did it in an emulator at all


Nah, I did it in Photoshop. I offset the red and green channels, added motion blur, an rgb overlay, then curved the whole thing outwards ever so slightly. If anyone has a more convincing method, I’m all ears.

This wouldn’t work on an NES, by the way. I adhered to pallet restrictions but went way over on tile count.


That might possibly be replicable in RetroArch, idk

Not prodded its various shaders sliders yet


The shaders are pretty standard and you should be able to do any fullscreen shader you want. I haven’t really jumped into it.

There’s also an option in RetroArch under Video called “filters” that seems to be a second shader pass; there’s filters for RF, Composite, S-Video, RGB that do admirable jobs of breaking colors and smudging in historic ways. They can be combined with the normal shader system but seem to assume a SNES resolution.


yes, the filters are a legacy from when retroarch was just a frontend for bsnes.