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Have you seen Mathew Borret’s drawings?


Oh, wow. Those are fantastic. Thank you for the heads up!


This is real cool.


ooh I should do up my own dungeons in a nicer form and post them, yours are really nice, clearly readable even without any writing


Another of these.

I found some of the CV ones. I had more but I suspect over time I just kind of gave them to friends or co-workers, and wasn’t mindful of taking pictures.

I also remembered that at some point I considered doing Megaman levels (these were likely sections of Guts and Iceman levels, respectively):

Some weird creatures:

Some other artwork from pen to watercolors:

And some pixel work:

And I’m done! I think.


This is going to take a while, I think, and I’m already annoyed with all the mistakes.




Lately I’ve been interpreting Faxanadu sprites. Decided to try a full scene. Just finished coloring it. I used Photoshop rather than markers because I was afraid of messing it up. Feels like cheating.


Dear kitroebuck, please illustrate all the games.


Wait. Are the other Faxanadu pieces done with markers?

What kind are you using?

edit: Oh. Here’s a piece I’ll probably finish tomorrow.


Oh, yeah. I’m using prismacolor markers on this really crappy drugstore sketchbook paper that soaks them all up. Same with the Zelda drawings.


Scan will be available to Patreon patrons.


oh hai, done.


Lovely game. First time I played it took me 3 years getting to the end of it, with friends, because we were all kids and none knew english.
Now I finish the game in 3 hours and it kinda depresses me.


Terribly busy lately and will continue that way until the end of August… I had to stop working on that potential CV1 mod I was thinking of, but found a couple of hours to draw some more. Felt like trying some dotwork (never did it seriously before) though came off unhappy with some aspects of the shading (feels a bit flat in some areas).



how can I learn 2 draw lmao


Grab pencil and slam body into paper


pretty much.
start by making it a habit. do not worry about getting good or doing it right. just do it until its something you do more or less everyday, then you can worry about fundamentals and the like.

im trying to do a comic. again... im not getting too hyped or stressed because i tend to flake out. i feel better about my chances this time though. i think its helping that im worrying more about it "getting done" than "being good"

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also i found this the other day

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