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Yep, you know it. Terada’s take on NES games was great in the way he interpreted freely while staying faithful to those tiny sprites. A lot of illustrators would just make stuff up.


simply <3 thoughtful interpretations of lo-fi spritework


and his/your color palettes too are so great

I never get tired of feeling this one:


Hey kit this rules. Can I chuck it up on the sb tumblr???


Sure. Go ahead.


@kitroebuck & @GherkinForce: do either of you have artist websites?

Also kitroe would you be okay with those pictures being shared on twitter?

I’m not as excited about this facade as the others but I’m trying to make drawing into more of a habit than it was before, and this was what popped out while feeling uninspired. You can’t love everything you make, unfortunately. If anything, this gave me the idea of doing some brutalist-y complex made entirely out of brick.


I only have a DeviantArt account, it hasn’t been updated for a few years though, unfortunately


Tweet away.

I guess I have a deviant art page too, but my sketch tumblr is more fun. (Edit: I put in the link.) These are from there, there’s some final fantasy, earthbound, etc… I was updating it daily for a while until I wasn’t.



Scan of the piece above.

Decided to do some more modern-looking buildings.

I finished this one today. I’m really pleased with it.



I think I’d possibly shared some of these elsewhere but a while back I did some Fashion Week shoots, here’s a few examples


second shot is rly visually effective. nice!


The other day I found a couple of the commissioned works I did which I thought I lost in the transition between computers. One of them is kind of embarrassing to look at in hindsight, and I am not surprised the client ended up hacking it to death in Photoshop before using it for a book cover. The other one I am a bit more fond of, so here it is below in two different versions. The second one is the final version, since the client insisted on everything being dark and blue, but I think I prefer the more sunset colours of the first version. As far as I know he never ended up using it for anything.

This next one is on my deviantart profile that I linked above, but you probably can’t see it if you don’t have an account there since it was flagged for adult content. Looking at my old stuff it is kind of interesting how much better they are when they kind of quick and random, without much thought put into them and made up as I go along. The ones I posted previously (the red fish thing etc) were done with that sort of process too.


Two small commissioned pieces I finished this weekend. The top piece feels very postmodernist to me. I experimented with using pens for shading instead of limiting the media to colored pencils and watercolors.

Oh, also, better photos of the 3D-printed sculpture


Digging the etched crystal look, I don’t think that came through in the earlier pictures


I think that’s somewhat dependent on the lighting

Here’s a displeased furry thing in a capriccio


that’s some very retro furry art


Doodles from today.


I usually find myself drawing small architectural scenes or details, mostly isometric, though usually parts or sections. Here are a few old shots of some of them. (apologies for the bluriness, I actually shake my hands a bit). I had some sideview, Castlevania-like explorations but have no idea where the drawings or the photos are at this point, though I’ve included one of the topview maps I used to make when I was considering doing a dungeon crawler.

I have other stuff, including some for a comercial project too, but I’ll show those at some other time.