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can you offer some insight on your camera and process and shit? your works are marvels to behold and photography is of great interest to me but i will never learn a damned thing if i dont ask some stupidly sincere / sincerely stupid questions to establish knowledge from which i can set off to further my journey in capturing light.



i like riding my bike
sometimes i see things
exploration of space

that feeling
curious roads
tempting me
leading me
unknown places

this is an attempt to capture that feeling

Go ahead!
Next way waiting you


equipment: the photos in the post you replied to were shot with an olympus om-4t with a 55mm f/1.2 lens
the first shot was on fuji provia 100f and the second shot was on fuji provia 400x pushed 2 stops to 1600iso
scanned on an epson v600

i shoot slide film which has really beautiful color saturation. most of the shots I end up happy with are in abnormal lighting situations (ie cloudy skies, sunsets, weird artificial light, etc). i underexpose slightly because I like my pictures a little dark.

pick up a camera, any camera, no matter how goodorbad or neworold and start taking pictures. take pictures of

  1. what interests you, for whatever reason. if it catches yr eye, take a picture.
  2. what matters to you. if it causes an emotional response, take a picture.

just do that and keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it. you’ll start to see patterns in subjects, visual motifs, emotions, etc in the things you shoot. this will give you ideas of subject matter to push yourself a little deeper into (for example, I love big electric towers and computer glitches on electronic signs, just to name a couple things)

as you are spending months and years doing that, explore other people’s photography. honestly, flickr is one of the best sources for that. find websites of professional photographers. expose yrself to tons of photos. i use flickr’s favorites feature to keep a catalog of what interests me and it has undoubtedly helped me refine my style and what matters to me photographically.

find a person or a style that really resonates to you and emulate it. shamelessly copy it. don’t be embarrassed. copy it the best you can, whether it’s stylistically or conceptually or anything else. really quickly you’ll start to see yr own individual voice shining through from within that, and from there you can hone in more on what makes you you.

this is a process that keeps going forever and ever. i have been doing it since 2008 and I will be doing it for the rest of my life. and I couldn’t be happier with it! the path i wrote out is not for everyone but it is for me and it’s all the advice I know how to give.

glad you liked my photos!


thank you kindly for the guidance. thats sincerely so helpful.


Going through my backed up phone photos, some I think qualify for this thread:


When y’all were talking about female Zelda protagonists it made me think of this thing I did a couple years ago when the first pictures came out and there was some buzz that, yes, you get to be a girl this time. I thought about posting it there, but maybe this is a better place for lots of pictures. This was me imagining that that 16x16 block of pixels was a girl named Zelda all along.

The idea here was that the desert area in Zelda 1 corresponds to where Hyrule castle is in subsequent games. So in the original the castle is destroyed, maybe.

In my fantasy Zelda, there are no hearts, and when you’re about to die, her kerchief flies off and her hair comes loose. (Maybe this does belong somewhere else.)

I tend to imagine that the creatures are non-hostile. Like, pea-hats are just flowers, you know?

Like maybe the moblins aren’t inherently evil. The bad ones are just ultra-nationalist jerks.

Red octorocks are kids. They turn blue when they reach adulthood.

Aquamentis. There’s the hair thing I mentioned.

Dodongo. I remember thinking that a dinosaur trapped in that room would pound the floor-tiles to dust.

That’s as far as I got. Interesting that the new game actually does seem to want to call back to Zelda 1. The constant picking up of items seems pretty antithetical to what I was hoping for though.


You’re too good for Nintendo


jeezus those are great


Before the world crushed my spirits I used to be an artist, here’s some random stuff I did back in the day

Here’s a friendly chap out walking his dog:

A mother and her baby:

This one I thought I’d lost:


Oh my god kit and Gherkin you are so goddamn talented


Sometimes I think about posting more warhammers but then I actually go and look at the other posts in the thread :3


This one reminds me of Wayne Barlowe’s painting series of alien creatures.


I remember seeing a “nature documentary” on TV using those designs, amazing how it all came rushing back the second I saw the first painting.



Caught that book a few years ago at a friend’s house and it’s super (though he sometimes strains a bit to reconcile ‘alien biology’ and ‘plausible biology’ – in raising the challenge of the project he noticeably fails it sometimes – but that’s what artistic restrictions are for, huh).

Somehow I managed to acquire a decent artbook collection when a friend moved away. Chris Foss, Syd Mead, and a bunch of really cool Japanese artbooks I’d never have the cash to buy myself (or preference above wordbooks).

The value proposition for an artbook seems pretty out of proportion to most other media, huh? $50+ for a more fleeting enjoyment; a treasure for an artist but in diminishing value next to THE INTERNET


I can’t remember at all what it was called, unfortunately. But probably some googling of the artist’s name plus Discovery Channel or TLC or whatever might turn it up? I bet that shit’s on YouTube


…? The book? The Alien Life of Wayne Barlowe.


Ah, must be this:

Pretty funny how well his rendering style maps to mid-90s cheap CG; particularly the ropey animation which looks just fine on very alien creatures


(sorry, was asking about the video) (the book I think we’re both talking about is Expedition)


Also kitroebuck I appreciate that you seem to be using Terada’s art as a reference point.