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The first model of one of my drawings is complete. We’ll be 3D printing it soon. Submitting this one to an exhibit.


this is my dumb take on mario & luigi basically

i kno it aint shit but whatever. enjoy.


Oh jeez, these are great.


First in a series of drawings of facades/portals from Dark Souls III. This is from the undead settlement’s church. 7" x 5". Pencil, pen, and watercolor on paper.


Yo holy shit that picture of the power lines is fucking amazing and the other one is also really nice


that’s really kind of you to say, thank you! :bow:


i drew a slutty stoner martian bounty hunter
inspired by strippers and gatchaman and cowboys


more film; i’m working on putting together a series of images i shot while severely depressed during the winter of 2014-2015

also my friend used the first one as album art for his new ambient release!!


On Wednesdays we wear ruin




Didn’t do a thing like this for a long time.


From this:


Both of those are cool.

This is a folly I drew on the weekend.


Just finished.



i think i made these 14 years ago, just some trees and skies with cheap filters on top, but somehow i kept them around, so i guess why not share them with the world (i mean sb)


Not using any rulers for these drawings so there’s bound to be wobbles but I’m trying to learn to be okay with that


Wobbles are endearing


making yet another attempt to launch my comic, hopefully it will stick this time. im trying to simultaneously work more and harder and take it more seriously, while at the same time not take it seriously & treat it as something Just For Fun instead of a massive undertaking of some sort. im just… im really really excited at some of the stuff i want to do with it and i get hung up on making it PERFECTLY EXECUTED which is a self-defeating mindset in the long run

anyway part of that regards the art which im trying to make looser and stretchier and less rigid. as ever faces remain my favorite thing to draw.

also, dear lord do i need to get a working scanner back in my life


oh yeah and heres a micro comic i made when i was feeling angsty that i like alot for some reason


Do it ASAP, seriously. Having one has made me 500% more productive

Another entry in the DrkS sites series, this from the Ooooolacile township