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10 films deep into my illustrative film diary for the year

Plus I started a weekly comic strip called WIDDLE WAFFS:


too simplistic and rough on the edges for me to call “minimalist” which was the primary objective but i’m kind of pround of how they turned out either way. i like photos with strong lines and shapes so i tried to find this form of parallel lines in the distance. i have more than a hundred like this but these are some of the best, i’m afraid.


We made a Not-Link generator. It makes Zelda 2 type spritesheets based on randomness or your personal color choices. The interface is screwy and it’s not 100% done, but it’s 100% functional, and it’s just the proof of concept we want before we go into a real random sprite generator that does all the things we wanna do.



@diplo those are great! are you helping make a game in any way?


No. Just editing Castlevania backgrounds (e.g., this stage is where the first and third pics above are from).


I shot a new set of photos. Check the rest out here, along with my older work:


“Rooftop Field” is especially striking. Depressing but interesting photos in that series.

I made some progress on the latest cross-section a few days ago.

And I doodled a li’l portal last night.


I’d probably enjoy some kind of blockdrop game that was about stacking Diplohalls for a Lemmingsy object to wander through


Castlevania: Correlation of Perambulation


Full scan of the incomplete piece from above. I’ll be doing more to it today.


Fresh scans of older drawings done using pen & colored pencils on rice paper.

Details. Each drawing is about four inches high.


Spent about an hour today editing this bit from Castlevania: Bloodlines’ last stage.


Shrine To An Itch One Just Can’t Scratch


i just remembered/posted a new image to a lo-fi photo project i’ve been slowly working on for a couple of years now with a little digital point-and-shoot. i take pictures on film pretty much exclusively so it’s fun for me to mix it up a bit with this

it’s themed around isolation in humanmade areas, loosely telling a story of one day being the only human left and wandering endlessly, everything working as normal, yet you never see any other people – just traces of their presence, always feeling like you just barely missed someone. to that end i’m pretty strict about having no human figures, no headlights, etc in the images

here’s a photo that i wish i could use for it but i can’t because it doesn’t fit the criteria


Been wanting to draw the Valkyrie for awhile and I finally got around to it:



Drawing done today on Japanese printmaking paper.

I barely used a ruler for this one and just kind of winged it while using a photo of a building designed by Hans Poelzig as a very very loose reference point. I’m not used to working on paper this thin and I’m not sure what sort of advantages it has for this sort of work, but… You can see spots where I applied too much watercolor and damaged the fabric.


Cross posting!


hadn't scanned any film for a long while, did a couple shots just so i don't get rusty on the process