Share and talk about your visual art


A bunch of years ago I had this wallpaper:

Cause I was quite into wipeout pure/pulse (Yeah, this is 3).
I was also using ubuntu, and learned about vector icons under ubuntu.
Did this on InkScape:

I guess it was fun.


i am learning how blender works

edit: final (maybe) version


grass tiles, for a better tomorrow.


i begun working on my game again. it’s now a run n’ gun (think mega man). it’s also still very early in development.

here is a work in progress sprite i drew tonight. might be a boss, i don’t know yet!




tentative title screen for the game i’m working on



experimenting with flyer design


Music video I did for Toups back when I was doing videos. God, 2 years? I feel like life is sliding away from me at 100mph.

I need to do more live visuals, been too long.

clips from a house party I did late last last year


Did one of those “_____ & Palette” things with my nephew at his school. Usually the blank is “Wine” but since these were middle schoolers it was Pizza & Palette so that was fine with me. Acrylic on canvas. Supposed to be kind of like Starry Night. Used too much paint and had poor brush control but it was fun and I’d do it again.