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had finals today


This thing is finished, finally! The worst is the blending floss that you can’t see because it’s doing its job too well. It is a foil thread layered on top of a plastic one that parts really easily so it’s an exercise of patience to back-stitch it the requisite three times around a square. It also didn’t help that somewhere in the two years I had this thing the majority of the blending floss disappeared; I think it got cut off in the box I was storing them in and I never noticed.

Now I know how to do French Knots and back-stitching proficiently! They are fiddly and I hate them!


I totally forgot about this thread when I made my thread about an art pack I recently dropped on, but I’d much rather post stuff here:



This has all been really helpful for figuring out how to do the 3D aesthetic of The Moon Fields.



I love your disaffected SCUD man


Thanks! I never really made the SCUD connection, but now that you’ve said it, it’s totally there.


This is incredible. How long did it take?
edit, never mind. I’m genuinely bad at reading.


I actually kept a log of movies I watched while working on this and added all their run times together because I’m a nerd. So over the two years, I spent about 235 hours.


did my first art stream tonight. felt like posting something i made during it.snap2019-01-08-20-46-52


Nice! What program is that? MagicaVoxel?


it is!


So spurned on by the above pic, I sarted playing with MagicaVoxel and man this thing is fun and I have no idea how to do lights or glass in it yet but I still kinda like what i came up with


in the render tab, you can set colors in the palette to have glass/metal properties (over on the right), or set them as a light source (emission).


I tried that, but I must have been doing something wrong because it wasn’t rendering. I’ll mess around with it more later. Thanks for the tips.


Oh hey, I figured it out a bit.


Sorry if I am spamming this thread, but this is a lot of fun. I made my desk environment tonight, though the actual desk is much messier.



So I have been having way to much fun with MagicaVoxel. I built a diner for some reason. It turned out pretty cool. And yes, I am in it.


Ripe for a shootout


The Last Diner
Open after the Apocalypse!