Same idea that Panzer Dragoon, Dragon Quarter, Ico, and some fourth series I am forgetting are the same world because they all use the same nonsense panzerese.


Can I just point out that this game doesn’t have any preorder nonsense attached to it and no microtransactions? No special costumes that are preorder only. No buying orbs/souls/whatever. That bullshit made me not want to buy DMC5 and I was glad when it got pirated basically on day one so I could play with the extra costumes that were preorder only. (Nero in all white rules btw) Sekiro is a good buy because you don’t miss out on anything when you buy it and it’s kinda sad that that’s not the norm anymore.


Driving myself to work with whatever bug crept into my system, because if I miss any day this week… Friday :japanese_ogre:


Ninja Spirit, IMHO.


I hate being such a pushover for premium content that used to be bonus unlockables, but Capcom’s really got me in the vein of players that won’t let it stay $15 out of reach. My RE2/DMC5 would be incomplete without. On the other hand all the additional MonHun events, Ghost Survivors and upcoming Bloody Palace kinda weigh in.


the base game is preferable like 95% of the time in my experience

I almost never ever want whatever they’re selling for another $15 or $20


Agreed. I think beyond my enthusiasm for some titles, it’s when I know I’ll be replaying a ton that cosmetics and additional soundtracks get a big appeal.


oh gosh it’s close


alright i’m gonna buy this fucking game, shit


thinkin about making diplo come play it here this weekend and liveblogging it


Yeah but… there is this



there’s a new from software videogame really soon


perfect for a tiny Ven


When I picked up DMCV they got me. No real need to preorder (especially from GS) but I also can’t remember the last time I saw some sort of trinket like this that’s not in a costly limited edition.



AGhhh I can’t watch anymore

til later tonight when I cave


Well I am sold. I might even go for that stupid letter opener


Better to just go on eBay and find movie prop samurai swords for a dollar. My dad got two prop swords from the movie The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise! They’re not sharp but they are life size swords. I wonder sometimes if I should sharpen them but I figure they probably weren’t made for sharpening since the process for crafting a real samurai sword and the one for making a movie prop sword are likely very different.


i wonder how many people have typed “the latest title from from software” and then rewritten their sentence