I still can’t believe Naruto’s son is apparently named Boruto, it sounds like something Adam Sandler came up with


Boruto’s son will be called Kovruto, and together they will plumb the depths of the American psyche


I think my main problem with leveling up in Souls types is how it feel like it locks you in to a specific play style if you want to be optimal or close to it. Halfway through DkS1 I got tired of my fighter build and it would’ve taken to many resources to try my hand at a spell casting build. I don’t have a table top background so I’m not that enamored with picking a path and sticking with it for the most gain. It does kind get fun once you’ve gone through once and can start planning your build path but for the first playthough it can feel daunting to either be stuck in a playstyle or feel that your numbers aren’t big enough to stand a chance.


Crossover event w/ mallgoth threads: Noiruto


pyromancy’s always there, waiting


and you can eventually respec in 2 and 3, right? i guess you can’t in bloodborne but it’s not quite as damning there

fwiw i liked being nervous about where i was putting my levels and worrying that i was going to regret it, i eat that shit up


I haven’t even watched a trailer but I suddenly got so hyped up (thanks, thread) that I am breaking my personal don’t-buy-games-at-full-price-or-preorder-them-either rule to get this fucker ASAP.


English version.


I think it’s a valid experience. It’s mostly just a frustration to feel to want to change things up but when the mental math says it’d be quicker to roll a new character for a build to try a different approach can kinda take you out of it. I never played far enough in 2 to find a Respec option and haven’t touched 3 yet. This isn’t so much a strike against Dark Souls because it’s designed well enough to have a lot of valid options and just kinda works. It’s just that psychology where losing something feels twice as bad as it feels good to gain something. When you’re not thinking about the NG+ its all a heavy weight to bear when you’re trying to learn the game.


I have never sweated too much about optimizing my builds. I tend to put a lot of points into dexterity, even though I trended toward strength-based weapons (or strength/dex) as my primary right hand equip (this drove my roommate insane).

On my playthrough of Dark Souls III, though, I found myself in a situation in the last stage(s) where nothing I could wield could inflict significant damage on anything and it made me real sad and I never played the game again.

EDIT: This admittedly gets into the part of my style as a player where I just am bad at stats, especially when it gets more fidgety.


ok hype moderately increased



I’ll be at Tim’s not-happening birthday party. I’m still surprised no one alluded to Ninja Scrolls-ness until earlier in thread and like, now


60fps on ps4, way to bury the lead @12min timbo


I’m quite ready for a ninja game right about now. If I can’t connect with Sekiro I’ll check out old Ninja Blade because that one sounds like fun times too


Ninja Blade is very fun times, and is canon for Metal Wolf Chaos.


Also just think it and Bullet Witch take place in the same universe.


I played almost every Souls game with the idea to just put most of my points into strength so I could swing the giant wooden club around, which basically means I didn’t need to worry about allocating the stats too much. Dark Souls 2 was the exception as it had that whole evade deal going on.


provide a source for this information please


No evidence just Ninja Blade takes place in a similar world ending big monster world but everything is in Japan and Bullet Witch everything is in America. It is my headcanon.