When are we getting “soulslites” tho


That’s “games with Soulskiroborne-lite elements.”


I’ve had the same general thoughts but don’t mind, mostly just like the way it sounds.

I think it’s been a simple accurate way to refer to them, and caught on because BB is distinct enough I know I couldn’t lump it in the same, nor say Souls-like except for referring to games not part of FROM or its team’s work.


Soulselites, soulslights, soulsteals, solstice



it would be cool if we had a tradition of playing a souls game every solstice




i was just talking this out with someone

like they’re just metroids, really, and the elements they do add to the metroid skeleton are, like, loot drops and leveling up, basically, but those things weren’t in castlevania either up until that point, so

what the heck!



they are called “Soulsborne” games now because people don’t want to just say “Modern FromSoftware Action Games”

or, honestly, “FromSoftware games that aren’t Armored Core”


Salt in my wounds, buddy. Salt. :salt:


i… ended up really liking this
when you get the timing down it’s very satisfying, like the active reload in gears


It’s not bad, it makes its own flams if you want, but it’s pretty crufty. Extra complexity for somewhat unmotivated reasons. Or, the opposite of the elegant design we normally praise.


I don’t know why but I cannot muster any hype about this. the setting looks so boring.

but I felt that way about bloodborne too from its pre-release trailers so who knows

I also like… never liked any of the 2000’s era ninja gaiden games, so I really hope this isn’t like them mechanically ;__;


the very first set of media failed to grab me but since like six months ago I’ve been extremely hype


i guess there also could still be some bloodborne-like twist in the second half of the game?


DMC5 pretty much absorbed all my hype but I am into this for if nothing else it looks like it has some fun grapple hook navigation. But this is def on my get to it sometime list.


I am next-level hype and I’m so curious to see if there’ll be a Bloodbourne style thematic twist.

I listened to the Waypoint podcast where they talked about the first hour of the game, and they vaguely mentioned a really interesting new mechanic that’s got me dying to know more (spoilers): Apparently, dying repeatedly causes the world to change in significant ways, kind of like Bloodbourne’s insight mechanic.


i am unfailingly hype but also have tried to limit watching footage or reading about deets because of how much these games rely on mystery and obfuscation. i want to be surprised!!


I bought Left Alive instead. :dongdance:


Maybe that’s related to the “price you pay” as I think one of the team spoke during a hands-on impression. As in choosing to revive leads to an insight or a not quite as tricky world tendency?

No multiplayer. Legendary Big M said it’s probably more challenging than previous titles.

Could we’ve had DMC dessert before this Sekiro steak?


I looked at a lot of footage and I’m pretty hype. Wasn’t at all before this month. Admittedly the footage was all from the same press event, just from different YouTubers, so I haven’t seen much, just the same level over again. From Soft flew a bunch of people to Tokyo to check out the game for three hours and my feed is now full with impressions.

I’d play this game if I could pirate it and cheat in invulnerability! I’d like to just walk through the game, experience the setting and story. I don’t want to git gud at games anymore and this is git gud central from what I’ve heard