and to further extrapolate cuznwhy not, the immediate appealing stuff with sekiro has nothing to do with presentation or setting but the idea of an action game about movementnthat is not rooted in devil may cry or ninja gaiden


my only misgivings about this game are the fact that the jumping and swinging look kinda wonky feeling

like these guys just spent the last decade iterating the anti mario 3d game descending the great hollow feels only a few steps removed from a no clip exploit hope u don’t get stuck on that 1 inch tall floor geometry seam

even the weapon clashing seems like it feels a little weird in the vidz, for all the weight and physicality perhaps only suggested by the previous games, it will be interesting to see how such a heavy emphasis on it feels in action

looks real good regardless gonna chop chop chop em all up


I remember being slightly underwhelmed by the early footage of Undead Burg. This is part of the From marketing playbook

They have to top Bloodborne with this so if anything I’m more concerned it might jump the shark with batshit crazy stuff


And it’s not in From’s nature to overwhelm; Demon’s Souls is easily the biggest and most surprising leap they ever took but even then it’s adorably retrograde in its menu design.

I think they’ll continue to use their very good world art, creature design, and (slow) combat team to present something Very Good but I don’t expect to be shocked by the execution like Bloodborne, I think something special happened to energize that 4th game in such a short time.

But that still implies something unmissable if From is your jam.




The only way you are in with a chance to get your mitts on this outstanding console is by pre-ordering Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice via Game Mania and then you’ll receive some free chopsticks. If you open it up and see that you got a pair of golden chopsticks, then the Limited Edition Sekiro: Shadows that Twice PS4 Pro console is yours.


That controller is ace



Looks baller but any game with three evade buttons is not for me


oh yeah this is next friday huh

ok yes i am getting hype now


this was not on my map for some reason for a long time but now it is extremely on my map


yeah the three evade button thing is worrying to me a bit?? i remember trying to play nioh where you had to hit a dude, then hit another button right after that so you could refill your ki, and it was like this ping-pong ball juggling act with so many moving parts that i just couldn’t get into it, nor actually keep up.

i feel like from will get this right though, at least i’m hoping they will? i feel like it’s beneath them to design a system for the main purpose of disarming souls game edgelords.


My hope’s for a place between Soulsborne and Ninja Gaiden, which is clearly in sight but really means I want enemies to be constantly threatening and capable - yeah, fewer stats (or none it seems) and less items for players to lean on, exploit.

At the heart of battle with another action reference: bring something like DMC/Bayo-lite inputs to the front as requirement, only more under the hood…not about show or points. Just to survive. I don’t think it’ll be that technical or demanding but hopefully maintains a slope of involvement to build skill, not so much hack and slash.

Pretty sure we’ll get the closest thing to controlling Jubei vs the Eight Devils of Kimon.


I still can’t believe they made him president and he directs all the games

and he seems like such a decent thoughtful guy too!


Hidetaka > Hayao


pretty sure that’s why the big raging boar


while we’re here let me bring up one thing that’s always bugged me??

why are they called soulsborne games? there are 4 “-souls” games and only one “-borne” game. wouldn’t bloodborne just be another souls game? i don’t find bloodborne fundamentally different enough to warrant tacking it’s name on to the end. if bloodborne was a series i could understand doing that though.

like will they be known as souls-kiro-borne games after this one comes out?

just call em all souls or souls-like games, internet


Soulskiroborne is a good name.


same broken logic implying Castlevania shares design responsibility for Metroid-like setups