Yeah, and those laughing rewards are only possible on a small enough team that the loot/progression owner is not entirely separate from the level design.

And even had Nioh not stumbled with drastically over-dense loot drops and extremely boring gear powers, the promise of that system is, ‘gear is always tracking with you; if you work at it you get a small edge that will be erased if you let up, if you do nothing you remain at par’. It’s a recipe for indecision and enervation.


I have been playing Nioh this week and I have been enjoying spending almost as much time in the menus, hanging out with my chill friends one eyed blacksmith girl and old mustachio matcha man, as the game in a FFT kind of way.


I didn’t get as much into that aspect until further into the ng+ cycles where a volcano bursts out of the earth and numbers start erupting out, leaning all the way into diablo


I never got that far but I could see that if the elder game focuses on boss runs to grind for loot. The standard progression just needed to chill out so the team could realize those positive aspects of loot hunt games are in those specific moments of reward, rather than gradually and everywhere.


I was gonna say ‘Armored Core tho’ but actually I agree it should have skeletons




Looks real cool. I’m sure it’ll all be/already is broken down but I’m interested to hear about the specifics on blocking, sword-clashing, the stamina-gauge riposte meter things.

For some reason I didn’t even consider that this game would have a regular jump button?

Perhaps some of the most intriguing information we learned during our interview is that the entire world will be interconnected, much like Dark Souls 1 was. Yasuhiro even referenced Dark Souls 1 specifically when making this statement, and the player will be able to choose which way to go from the very beginning of the game.









im looking forward to this videogame


I have been studiously ignoring all information about this game because I am already sold on it and I do not want to be spoiled further on how anything works.


I’m so pumped about this game! I keep having the feeling that there’s going to be some big aesthetic / thematic twist in this game that they’re not revealing, like how when they previewed Bloodborne they hid all the Lovecraftian stuff.

I suspect there’s gonna be a lot more Japanese mythology stuff than they’ve shown so far.


There better be!


Old Japan jazzed up with “giant horse”, “extra long sword that’s still not very long”, “grappling hook” - I’m not seeing anything not from a Zelda game. They were even going to put prosthetic limbs in Breath of the Wild.

So it’s Bionic Commando, but you have to save a princess instead of blow up Hitler. Jesus! I sure hope they come up with more compelling things to fight than foot soldiers, trolls and Naruto characters.


you know what it’s a layered take but i’ll support it just to muddy the waters