Saudade Fantasy Tactics: The Zodiac Killer

well, I finally did it.

I started working on this when I was like 23, and while it would’ve been a lot more germane to my interests to have finished it anywhere close to then, it took this year for me to finally polish off my longest-running hobby project.

this game has sentimental value to me because of when I played it, and because of its excellent playstation-era audiovisual work, but also because of its storytelling, which I’ve never felt was adequately served by either of its official english localizations – the first one is really rough and clipped, and the second is very frequently overwritten. it’s made recommending the game, as I have done many, many times through the years, a huge nuisance, because I only want people to play the version that exists in my head.

well, now you can!!!

this is a 0.99 release – I still want to do a little bit of balance changing, I want to make a proper patch so I can distribute it without the original ISO, but it is tested and complete; I have gone over every word in the game. I made it smarter and funnier and more affecting in the ways I always wanted to; I put a ridiculous amount of my own shtick in a PS1 JRPG because I could. I would be very flattered if any of you wanted to play it for me as I am getting it out into the world.


When I play FFT for the first time, this will be the version I choose.


Is this playable if I don’t understand anything you ever say when you talk about italians?


only a small fraction of the characters in the game are italian


that’s a hell of an answer


is there a step by step way on how to make this run for dummies that dont have anything installed to run it on their computers

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yeah i have held off ever playing fft precisely because i knew this iteration was a possibility
so excited


I’ll address that when I actually make the patch, but I would use retroarch with beetle psx on Windows or openemu on Mac in the meantime

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Am I doing this right


holding off for the inevitable sequel, but then i’m going to hold out for the remastered edition



@felix i’ll play this but you have to help me set up retroarch

i installed retroarch stable and told it to open the cue file and it just goes to a black screen

what now

uhhh hmmm it works fine for me

  "version": "1.0",
  "items": [
      "path": "H:\\Roms\\FFT.cue",
      "label": "Final Fantasy Tactics (USA)",
      "core_path": "C:\\tools\\retroarch\\cores\\mednafen_psx_hw_libretro.dll",
      "core_name": "Beetle PSX HW",
      "crc32": "00000000|crc",
      "db_name": "Sony -"

what is that

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that’s my auto-generated retroarch playlist just from adding the cuesheet, it’s in playlists/Sony Playstation

are you using beetle PSX w retroarch? that tends to work out of the box nowadays

emulation head that I am, I am honestly no expert on retroarch stuff, I’ve always just tolerated it

hmm, it didn’t make one of those for me

yes bettlepsx

generating config files should be a remote play option


feel like there was a period of less technically correct emulation when that wasn’t a step you could miss (or at least in retroarch’s case, miss without any reasonable error reporting)

it’s uefi now