Leon’s welcoming party may have been cancelled, but your escape from the police station has just begun. Similar to the demo that we’ve had at various events since the game was first unveiled at E3 in 2018, you’ll be able to explore the R.P.D. as you like… but you’ll be on a time limit. Once those thirty minutes are up, so is your demo! Fortunately, you can continue if you die, or if you complete the mission objective. However, just like in real life, you can’t turn back the clock and you won’t be getting back the time you lost, so use what time you have wisely.


still got it


demo was tight

also it runs on a dual core and with weird crt drivers that incorrectly report how much vram is available

I kinda was working on the assumption this would have some kind of gore slider/option, but I guess not; Japan is getting a less gory censored release but no mention of it being a feature for US.


couple of observations:
the obsession with yellow tape has carried over from re 7
what they’ve done with the knife and integrating it as a defensive item is very neat
the gore effects are amazing
leon has thicccck brows


The demo is exactly what I wanted RE4 to be all those years ago in terms of pace/atmosphere. I played on an XBOX One X and the RE Engine looks great. I’m really finding it hard to believe still that Capcom put this much effort in this one and treated it like a standalone game.


Just finished on pc at I guess what’s a mild step above medium settings? Game looks great overall but everything has this kinda washed out greyness to it, no matter how I fiddle with things.

I too dig the retrievable sub weapon with limited uses. For some reason I expected movement to be like RE7’s just in third person; glad that’s not the case as maneuvering Leon felt pretty solid.

The western stairs/3rd floor area really started shaking up my familiarity with the classic RPD station…been really curious how much they might’ve augmented or expanded on certain areas, beyond a couple new interlocking rooms.


heads up there’s a trainer for pc that allows you to circumvent the time limit, tried and works, who knows how safe


I played the PC demo and it looked and sounded great. Everything was running smoothly until I started encountering zombies. Then the game started freezing every now and then for 5-10 seconds at a time while my xbone controller’s light blinked like it was trying to connect.

When two zombies came at me at once, my computer shat itself completely. The game was irrecoverably frozen. While I tried to get it going again, Leon shouted “fuck!” and my gf and I lost it. Then he shouted “damnit!” and I was like “my thoughts exactly, thanks Leon.” Even though the game was frozen, it was stuck in a loop playing random clips of Leon cursing.

I’d like to see if I can get it working cuz PC is my preferred platform. Other than getting stuck in the cursing vortex, it was pretty great.


think they might have gone overboard with the darkness


are you using your xbone pad with bluetooth? i’ve had issues like that in a couple of games and switching to usb fixed it

love the pc gaming


Exactly why I hate PC’s; way too much fiddling around to just play the game.

Anyone else play the demo in German? Leon is a believable German; so I think I’m gonna play the full game that way.



I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Stock Page Turn Sound For Videogame, I just get happy every time

is there anything better than meticulous videogame recreations of mundane spaces? I love meandering the interiors of Capcom, the Yakuza games, everything Remedy, IO, the Splinter Cell team in their heyday…

Oddly it feels like this extreme scene-setting detail never exists in US productions. Are we culturally more into function? Is it just that labor costs are higher and so we budget differently?


This police station is literally a dungeon, I can’t wait to play this realtime thirps dungeon crawler


the demo left me kind of lukewarm. a lot of nice atmospheric things happening, but the actual zombies just kind of feel not scary, and something about the visual style seems off compared to RE7.

I might not have had enough time with the demo. There was a taste of some nice emergent chaos as zombies started following me through doors, but I didn’t really feel like I got to dig too deep into how the game actually feels before the time limit ended. my feelings will probably change as I play the real deal.

I feel like I maybe want to play the original again bc it’s been so long and I want to be able to appreciate the way the maps have been recreated.



still wild that this exists now
looking forward to playing RE2 for the first time


I actually thought the combat was well done. I tried to approach the zombies using the RE4 method of firing at their legs and then using the knife when they’re on the ground but that doesn’t work anymore. It seems like a purposeful decision to erase this approach and the added stress to make efficient use of your ammo with headshots makes a nice challenge to the game. Couple this with the new way to use the knife and you can no longer game the system anymore.

You either have to gamble with a few well-placed headshots or run away, as it was always meant to be.


yeah, it does feel a lot more like a traditional RE, just with over the shoulder controls

I really feel like revelations 2 is underrated in that regard though… no one ever talks about it but it’s really great evolution of RE4 style gameplay.