this game has a weird development story

gonna grab it on a sale, probably. as much as it is a wholly new experience and looks interesting, on principle will not pay full price for reimaginings / remakes.

I understand, but

The funny thing is this will take something more than ten times the person-hours to create

idk if that’s funny

also, now that I watched the trailer: is this the recurrence of RE 3.5?

why’d they kill the poor rat

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so did the original



thought this was bad mojo 2 at first


I wonder if they will bother to implement any version of the “zapping system” from the original. i mean, that was the A/B scenarios thing, right? Or maybe not.
I think a couple other Japanese games in the mid/late 90s had a “zapping system”. I guess it was like “free scenario” where nobody bothered trademarking it? Patenting it? Whatever is relevant.

I hope every single character has ten sexy DLC costumes

oh thank goodness


ok but does hunk have a sexy dlc costume?

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i am into this fake ui

as someone who has played no resident evils at all, but knows that RE7 was a runaway success and REmake is considered one of the best things the series ever did… I am very interested!

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At the least I understand the tone ‘nostalgia’ more than RE6’s ‘Schumacher’s Batman’ tone


I enjoyed Resident Evil 7 more than I initially expected to and I full-heartedly recommend you check out the Resident Evil remake and Resident Evil 4 given the opportunity.


Man, that demo looks fantastic. I absolutely loved REmake, RE4, and RE7. I’ve never played RE2, and I’ve been holding off in hopes that it would get a remake. This looks very different from the original, but it also looks like a better use of my time in 2018 (even if there is something to be said for janky psx survival horror).

the original re 2 is one of the most perfectly paced games ever so here’s hoping they get anywhere close to it for this remake.

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for a long time I actually considered playing the original RE1 and then playing REmake 1. Every written piece and youtube essay/review I’ve consumed about REmake talked about how it actually benefited from the player already being familiar with the source material, because of how it subverted itself (crimsonheads in particular)

REmake is supposedly, like, the model for which all remakes should be based on