If you want to play the original sure. I jumped into REmake in 2009 having only played RE4 before and had an amazing time.


yeah, sorry if I make it sound like I’m saying people have to play both versions! I just particularly found that concept fascinating because of who I am as a person.


Oh no worries I didn’t get that vibe at all, I still have played none of the PSX games! It sounds like a direct comparison would be interesting, and if you wanna jump ahead to REmake at any point it stands on its own.


where the big budget game that lets you play as a rat tho


yeah i played the original to death as a kid and got a huge kick out of this


yeah, it’s good on its own but some of the best moments play on your familiarity with the original game


2 is the best RE and this looks like exactly what I’d been hoping for since REmake came out.

It’s just too bad that they waited so long that by the time they made this, graphics technology has advanced enough that it’s now genuinely terrifying


Dishonored has a rat possession power


Like I would be down to play some RE4ified RE2 but 100% not into straight up glistening stomach giblet buffet closeups and hinged face clevage gross out bs where is my silly rooty tooty monster shooty


all media is now ‘glimpse into the dark fleshy meat reality heart of what survival means in a cold hard world it’s supposed to be unsettling don’t you see you are one of the monsters and monsters love the sweet taste of struggling wet death gasps let no bug escape unsmashed’ eff off


i just want a big alligator to spook me and maybe some inventory tetris


A little bummed we didn’t hear any of that cavernous ambience that was so present in RE2 police station


the face cleavage made me wanna hurl so ill buy this


My biggest concern from the demo vids is how the the police station itself might get hit, along with other areas. Okay, no fixed camera angles, high def 3d pacing forward in the dark, still horrific and tense with new grade.

But everything was kinda quiet, bgm added a lot of dread mixed w/familiarity. I know they may not want to spoil it or it might be altered for later on, but where dat Licker window-drop? Not that this needs a lot of camp but should there be more?

The full game might remedy a lot of that. It’s definitely shaped like ogRE 2.


re: the bgm, I’m pretty sure I heard they’re adding in the option to keep the original music, possibly as a special edition bonus/dlc or something?

Also they specifically mentioned the window licker, saying they know lots of players are going to remember it, and where it happened, so they moved it to somewhere else so it’ll still be a surprise when it happens, and that there are a lot of things like that where it’s familiar, but not too familiar, but not too not familiar


REmake still looks visually perfect and stunning in every way 16 years later. it is honestly a masterpiece. like idk if capcom has ever made a more perfect resident evil game, tho I haven’t played 7 yet.


7 is great but no one would ever discribe it as perfect



In Ghost of a Tale, you play a minstrel mouse who sneaks past rats.


I really wanna play this.

I hope Claire’s design gets some tweaks. She looks way too juvenile.